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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] € We decline any responsibility resulting from misuse or any use other than those covered in this booklet. € We suggest you keep the original box and packaging, as our free-of-charge service does not cover any damage resulting from inadequate packaging of the product when this is sent back to an Authorised Service Centre. € Using accessories not recommended or not supplied by the manufacturer of the appliance may entail risks of fire, electric shock or injuries to people. 9 EN Danger for children • This appliance is not suitable for use by people (children included) with physical, sensorial or mental disabilities; users lacking experience and knowledge of the appliance, or those who have not been given the user’s instructions, must be supervised by a person responsible for their safety. [. . . ] € Do not use the appliance if your hands are wet or if you are barefoot. € Do not use the appliance if the power cord or the plug are damaged, or if the appliance is faulty. To prevent any accident, all repairs, including the replacement of the power cord, must be carried out by an Authorised Service Centre or, in any case, by qualified personnel. 10 EN • Do not plug any other high power appliance (electric heaters, irons, radiators, etc. € Make sure that the power cord does not come into contact with hot surfaces. € Remove the power cable from the socket-outlet in case of a thunderstorm. Warning – material damage • Do not use the appliance for cleaning untreated or non-waterproof wooden floors, soft plastics, wooden objects and leathers. € The use of extensions not approved by the manufacturer can result in damage to property and personal injury. If the tap water is particularly hard (higher than 20°f), use a mixture of 50% tap water and 50% demineralised water. € The appliance must only be cleaned with a soft, slightly damped, cloth after unplugging the appliance and allowing all its parts to cool down. € Do not pour vinegar, descalers or other scented substances into the tank; otherwise, the warranty may be revoked. € Do not expose the appliance to atmospheric agents (rain, sun…). € Any modifications made on this product that are not explicitly authorised by the manufacturer may lead to the forfeiture of its safety and guarantee of its use by the user. Danger of damage originating from other causes • Do not use the appliance in closed environments and in the presence of fumes given off by oil-based paints, solvents or waterproofing agents, or by flammable power or other toxic or explosive fumes. 11 EN • Turn on the appliance only when it is in working position. € Never leave the appliance unattended when it is connected to the power supply. € When you have to leave for even a short period of time, always place the appliance on its accessory for carpet cleaning (O). 1) A - Grip B - Steam dispensing button C - Handle D - ON indicator light E - Cord storage hook F - Steam adjusting dial G - Water tank H - Filter I - Motor body L - Steam head M - Floor washable cloth N - Measuring cup O - Attachment for carpet cleaning P - Handle release button Q - Steam discharge nozzle R - Cloth fixing Velcro EN Assembling the appliance Proceed as follows after removing the appliance from the box: Assemble the motor body to the steam head (Fig. Instructions for use Totally unwind the power cord by releasing it from apposite cord storage hooks (E). Remove the water tank (G) by slightly pressing it downwards, then tilt and remove it (Fig. Fill the tank up to the MAX mark using the supplied measuring cup (N) - Fig. If the tap water is particularly hard (higher than 20°f), use a mixture of 50% tap water and 50% demineralised water. [. . . ] Wait at least 5 minutes to allow both the steam head and the cloth to cool down. Before removing the cloth, press the button (B) to stop steam dispensing and unplug the appliance. Filling the boiler during use No special operation is necessary when the water in the tank runs out. Just unplug the machine, pull out the tank and fill it with fresh cool water again. [. . . ]


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