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[. . . ] Dear Customer, We hope that your product, which has been produced in modern plants and checked under the most meticulous quality control procedures, will provide you an effective service. Therefore, read this entire user manual carefully before using the product and keep it as a reference. If you handover the product to someone else, give the user manual as well. €¢ Read the manual before installing and operating the product. [. . . ] Disposing of the packaging The packing materials may be dangerous for children. Keep the packing materials out of the reach of children or dispose of them by classifying them in accordance with the waste instructions stated by your local authorities. Do not throw away with regular house waste, throw away on packaging pick up spots designated by the local authorities. The packing of your refrigerator is produced from recyclable materials. Disposing of your old refrigerator Dispose of your old refrigerator without giving any harm to the environment. €¢ You may consult your authorized dealer or waste collection center of your municipality about the disposal of your refrigerator. Before disposing of your refrigerator, cut out the electric plug and, if there are any locks on the door, make them inoperable in order to protect children against any danger. 13 EN Adjusting the legs If your refrigerator is unbalanced; You can balance your refrigerator by turning its front legs as illustrated in the figure. The corner where the leg exists is lowered when you turn in the direction of black arrow and raised when you turn in the opposite direction. Taking help from someone to slightly lift the refrigerator will facilitate this process. 14 EN 4 Preparation • Your cooler/freezer should be °C, frozen food in the freezer does installed at least 30 cm away from not thaw thanks to its Advanced heat sources such as hobs, ovens, Electronic Temperature Control central heater and stoves and at System. For the first installation, the least 5 cm away from electrical product should NOT be placed under ovens and should not be located low ambient temperatures. €¢ Please make sure that the interior When reaching continuous of your cooler/freezer is cleaned operation, the product can be moved thoroughly. Thus, later you can • If two coolers are to be installed side place your product in the garage by side, there should be at least 2 cm or an unheated room without the distance between them. Concern of causing frozen food to • When you operate your cooler/ get rotten. However, it is likely that freezer for the first time, please above mentioned low temperatures observe the following instructions may cause the freezing of the food during the initial six hours. In the fridge compartment; thus, • Its door should not be opened please consume the food items in frequently. When ambient temperature • It must be operated empty without goes back to normal, you may placing any food in it. Change button setting according to • Do not unplug your cooler/freezer. If a power failure occurs out of your • If the ambient temperature is control, please see the warnings in below 0°C, the food in fridge the “Recommended solutions for compartment will freeze. We recommend not using the fridge • The baskets/drawers that are compartment in such low ambient provided with the chill compartment temperatures. You may continue must always be in use for low energy to use the freezer compartment as consumption and for better storage usual. [. . . ] Freezer temperature is very low while the fridge temperature is sufficient. Fridge temperature is very low while the freezer temperature is sufficient. • The fridge temperature is adjusted to a very high value. • The fridge temperature is adjusted to a very high value. [. . . ]


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