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[. . . ] 1 General safety • When the appliance is placed • This appliance complies with the on its base plate, ensure that international safety standards. The surface beneath the plate • This appliance can be used the is level. Children who are at the age • If the appliance is dropped or of 8 and above and by people leaks water or has other failures, who have limited physical, contact the authorised service. Sensory or mental capacity or Do not use the appliance until it who do not have knowledge is repaired. [. . . ] 6 / 104 EN 2 Your steam station Symbols Descriptions Water reservoir is empty Steam level Lime collecting cartridge should be replaced Temperature settings Control panel Automatic shutdown Self-cleaning Smart - ECO mode Steam Station / User Manual 7 / 104 EN 3 Operation • Ironing woolen clothes may cause luster. 1 Intended use This appliance is intended only for household use and ironing; it is not suitable for professional use. Remove the package on the lime collecting cartridge (1) which is placed separately in the box. 4 Temperature setting water for 5 minutes in order to enhance its Set the appropriate temperature for the fabric to performance. 6) and evaporate the water twice in order to remove the manufacturing residues. Cotton Linen - Jean • •• ••• Max Without steam With Steam With Steam With Steam A WARNING: Do not allow the iron to contact with metal parts such as zippers and rivets. 3 Ironing tips C • The appliance gets heated in a short time; iron WARNING: You can do steam fabrics such as synthetic, silk etc. Except for “•” Press the steam • Iron fabrics that may luster (silk etc. WARNING: Take the ironing • Use very little pressure when ironing fabrics instructions specified on the label such as velvet and iron them towards one single of the fabric into consideration for direction. €¢ 100% pure woolen clothes can be ironed by Your appliance will not raise steam as long as you using steam. You can do steam ironing by using the steam trigger (12) in this mode. A A 8 / 104 EN Steam Station / User Manual 3 Operation In order to use dry ironing, do not press the steam 3. €“ You will hear a beeping sound when the water reservoir with water without appliance starts to operate. Removing the iron from the steam – Control panel (10) flashes once and then goes off. Press the on/off button (11), switch off and some noise during the water unplug the appliance. Remove the water reservoir (5) by pressing the water reservoir removal latch placed under the The appliance starts in Smart-ECO water reservoir. This level offers safe temperature and steam amount for all the fabrics that can be ironed. You can set temperature levels other than the Smart - ECO mode by using the control button (11) (see 3. WARNING: If the symbol on the display blinks, this means that the soleplate temperature setting is not at the desired level. A A WARNING: Your selection should be suited for the fabric to be ironed. When the appliance is ready for steam ironing, move the iron horizontally on the fabric to be ironed and press the steam trigger (12). Your iron will raise steam from its soleplate (8) as long as you hold the steam trigger pressed. [. . . ] Appliance automatically returns to the mode before the lime removing process. Turn the transport lock (9) in order to be able to move/transport your appliance easily and store it securely. Remove the new cartridge from its package, soak it in the water for 5 minutes and push it in its slot. When the “ ” lime removing (self-clean) symbol flashes on the control panel, (10) this 4. [. . . ]


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