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BOSCH GSV 29VW30/01 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Download the complete user guide (1215 Ko)

Manual abstract: user guide BOSCH GSV 29VW30/01INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] IMPORTANT It is vital that these instructions are kept with the freezer for future use. If the freezer is sold or given to another user, or if you move and leave the freezer behind, you must ensure that the instructions accompany the freezer to enable the next user to use the freezer correctly and read the relevant warnings. Children must not be allowed to tamper with the control buttons or play with the freezer. Changes in the electrical mains system in connection with the installation of this freezer should always be carried out by an authorised electrician or competent person. [. . . ] MAX makes the temperature in the freezer colder, and turning the button towards no. The correct setting can be found by measuring the temperature of the top package in the middle of the freezer. This should not have a temperature higher than 18°C. PACKAGING AND POSITIONING Food must be cold before freezing (no more than room temperature). Food must be packed in airtight and moisture-proof packaging to prevent it from drying out. Place fresh food for freezing close to the cold sides of the freezer, making sure that it is not in contact with the frozen food already in the freezer. See under Helpful hints. OPENING/CLOSING THE LID The lid is fitted with a tightly closing sealing strip to prevent moisture getting inside the freezer and increasing the amount of frost formed. When the lid is opened the air inside the freezer becomes slightly warmer and expands. This may lead to the creation of a vacuum which makes it hard to open the lid immediately after it has been closed. This is quite normal. 13 GB CAPACITY (5) The freezing capacity of the freezer is stated in the data plate (kg/24 hours). Do not exceed the amount stated - if you do, the freezing time will be extended. IMPORTANT The freezing capacity stated can be utilised to the full occasionally to freeze large amounts of fresh food. Leave the lid slightly open. IF SOMETHING DOES NOT WORK IF YOUR FREEZER DOES NOT FUNCTION SATISFACTORILY Check the following before calling for service staff: Action: Check plug and socket Check fuse, call electrician Wait until current returns Wait a couple of hours Wait a couple of hours Set thermostat colder Defrost freezer Press Super button out Set thermostat warmer Re-arrange goods, check that lid closes correctly Move freezer to a room with less moisture, or air regularly Re-pack goods, see under How to use Freezer too cold Too much frost formed Plug not connected correctly Defect in switch or fuse Power failure Green and red light on Fresh food recently placed in freezer Lid open too long Thermostat set too warm Green light on, red Lot of frost and ice formed light not on Super function active Yellow light on Thermostat set too cold Yellow light not on Lid in contact with goods in Lid does not close freezer completely Lot of moisture in the Moisture from washing machine, tumble-dryer, etc. room Goods packed poorly Lot of moisture from goods If you are still unable to solve the problem, summon the assistance of authorised service staff. Incorrect procedure may cause personal injury or lead to additional defects. It is quite normal for the freezer to seem warm on the outside occasionally, owing to the heat generated by the freezing process. This heat also helps to prevent the formation of moisture on the outside of the appliance which could cause rust. If the freezer has been switched off briefly, the compressor may not start immediately when the current is re-connected. This is quite normal. IN THE CASE OF A POWER FAILURE OR BREAKDOWN The hold-over period mentioned in the "Technical Specification" section of this book refers to an estimated time the freezer temperature will take to rise to an unacceptable level for keeping frozen foods. Providing the period of power failure or breakdown does not exceed the hold-over period there will be no risk of damage to the frozen food, providing you do not open the lid during this period. If the freezer is only half full or the lid is opened this will reduce the hold-over time. After the breakdown period you are recommended to check the condition of food to ensure it has not started to thaw. casseroles should be refrigerated and used up. 15 GB Large Pieces of Meat: Can be re-frozen providing there are still ice crystals remaining within them. [. . . ] This declaration does not affect the vendor's statutory warranty to the end user. The appliance is guaranteed within the context of and in adherence with the following terms: 1 In accordance with provisions laid down in paragraphs 2 to 15, we will remedy free of charge any defect that occurs within 24 months from the date the appliance is delivered to the first end user. These guarantee terms do not apply in the event of use for professional or equivalent purposes. Performing the guarantee means that the appliance is returned to the condition it was in before the defect occurred. [. . . ]


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