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[. . . ] Fresh compartment, just above 0°C · Drawer for dry or wrapped food. Fridge at the top, drawer-type freezer at the bottom · The highly ergonomic vegetable compartment is placed at waist height as it is frequently used. · The drawer-type freezer minimizes temperature variations and stores food cleanly and conveniently. Power on/off · The main power switch is handy to switch the appliance on and off without pulling out the main plug. [. . . ] The interior light of the appliance will light up when the door is open. Set the temperature control to the coldest temperature and let the refrigerator operate for one hour. The freezer should get slightly chilled and the motor should run smoothly with a soft hum and no noise. Your fridge/freezer is operated by a compressor which switches "on and off" to maintain the internal temperature. When the compressor is new, it requires running in for a period of up to five months. Store food once the temperature in the refrigerator is sufficiently low. It takes a few hours after starting the refrigerator to reach the proper temperature. If the appliance does not operate correctly, check the electricity supply. If the problem persists, contact your dealer. USING THE CONTROL FEATURES A. Basic Model On/Off Low Mid High Cooling Power On/Off Button · Main power on/off switch. Cooling Power button · Press the Cooling Power button to control the refrigerator temperature. For more space, you can store food with drawers and ice maker removed. A declared storage volume of frozen food storage compartment is calculated with ice cube, ice tray, upper and middle freezer drawers removed. Note Wrapping food Note Pack the food in suitably sized portions for your household. Vegetable and fruit portions should be no heavier than 1 kg, while meat portions can be up to 2. 5 kg. Smaller portions freeze through more quickly and the quality is thereby maintained better when defrosting and preparing the food. It is important to seal food in airtight bags or containers before freezing to prevent it from losing favor or dehydrating. Suitable wrapping materials: Plastic bags, cling-film, aluminium foil and freezer containers. Unsuitable wrapping materials: Wrapping paper, greaseproof paper, cellophane, bin bags or used carrier bags. Suitable sealing materials: Rubber bands, plastic clips, string, freezer tape or similar. Plastic film and bags may be heat-sealed using a special sealing iron or press. Before placing a package in the freezer, it should be clearly labelled with the contents and date of freezing. 9 MAKING ICE A. Twist type Pull out the ice cube maker. Fill trays in up to the water level mark (arrow). [. . . ] Unscrew the cover with + head screwdriver. - Fluorescent light · Remove the interior light by pulling it downward, then replace it with a new one. - Incandescent light · Turn the interior light to pull it out and replace it with a new one. Screw the cover with + head screwdriver. PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS The appliance is not operating at all or the temperature is too high · Check that the power plug is correctly connected. · Does sun shine on the appliance or are there heat sources nearby?The food in the refrigerator is frozen · Is the temperature control on the front panel set to the coldest temperature? [. . . ]


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