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[. . . ] Door alarm · When the refrigerator door is left open for more than two minutes, a musical alarm is automatically triggered. Abundant supply of ice and cold water · The ice and water dispenser provides ice and cold water at any time. Extra refrigerating compartment · You do not have to open the main door to access frequently used food in the extra refrigerating compartment. Given this independent system, the refrigerator and freezer are cooled individually as required and are, therefore, more efficient. [. . . ] · Connect one end of the earthing wire (yellow/green or green) to the earthing screw and the other end to a steel or copper pipe, such as a water pipe. Earthing wire Copper pipe Earthing screw PREPARING THE APPLIANCE Once you have performed the following steps, your fridge/freezer should be fully operational. If you have any doubts or problems, contact your BOSCH service centre. 1 2 3 Place the shelves and containers which were removed for transport in their appropriate positions (refer to pages 10 to 12). 4 5 Set the temperature control to the coldest temperature and wait for one hour. The freezer should get slightly chilled and the motor should run smoothly producing a soft humming noise. Clean the fridge/freezer and accessories to remove any dust that accumulated during packing and shipping (refer to page 13). Once the refrigerator temperature is sufficiently low, you can store food in the appliance. It takes a few hours after starting the fridge/freezer to reach the appropriate temperature. When the refrigerator is plugged in, the interior light should come on each time you open the refrigerator door. Your fridge/freezer is operated by a compressor which switchs "on and off" to maintain the internal temperature. When the compressor is new, it requires a running-in period, which can last for up to five months. 5 FRONT CONTROL PANEL Basic model QUICK FREEZE QUICK FREEZE AUTO FUZZY VACATION VACATION °C °C LOCK FREEZER TEMP. REFRIGERATOR TEMP. Model with ice and water dispenser QUICK FREEZE QUICK FREEZE VACATION VACATION °C ICE TIMER ICE OFF °C LOCK CUBE FREEZER TEMP. ICE TIMER CRUSHED ICE OFF WATER FILTER INDICATOR REFRIGERATOR TEMP. ICE MODE FREEZER TEMPERATURE BUTTON Sets the freezer temperature. Press the button repeatedly to change the temperature in sequence between -14°C and -26°C. REFRIGERATOR TEMPERATURE BUTTON Sets the refrigerator temperature. Press the button repeatedly to change the temperature in sequence between 7°C and -1°C. QUICK FREEZE BUTTON Speeds up the freezing process in the freezer. On the specified day, the ice maker makes the ice cubes. VACATION BUTTON Turns the refrigerator off but not the freezer. ICE MODE BUTTON Sets the ice dispensing mode: ice cubes, crushed ice or ice off. 6 CONTROLLING THE FREEZER AND REFRIGERATOR TEMPERATURES Freezer Refrigerator · The freezer can be set to a temperature between · The refrigerator can be set to a temperature between 7°C and -1°C. -14°C and -26°C. button repeatedly until the required temperature is shown in the temperature display. Stored food should be wrapped securely using foil or other suitable wrapping materials. Door guard · Can be used for frozen foods. Ice chute and ice-maker cover · Do not put your fingers, hands or any foreign object in the chute and ice-maker cover. VIEW OF YOUR FRIDGE/FREEZER FREEZER Guard Ice maker Light Ice chute Shelf (tempered glass or wire, depending on the model) Twist ice maker Ice tray Drawer (wire or plastic basket, depending on the model) Leg cover Basic model Model with ice and water dispenser 11 REFRIGERATOR Dairy compartment Lights Guard Extra Refrigerator Compartment (model with Home Bar) Shelf Egg rack Vegetable compartment (upper) Vegetable compartment (lower) Bottle guard Vegetable cover Chilled tray (option) REMOVING THE FREEZER ACCESSORIES 1 Tempered glass shelf · Pull the shelf out as far as it goes. Then lift it up and remove it. 4 Ice maker and tray · Remove the ice tray by pulling it towards you. Leg cover · Open the freezer and refrigerator doors, remove the three screws and detach the cover. · To reassemble the leg cover, put it back into position and tighten the three screws. g Only remove the leg cover if strictly necessary. 2 Multiple guard and door guard · Hold the multiple guard and door shelf in both hands and then lift it up. 5 3 Meat and dry goods storage compartment · Remove the compartment by pulling it out and lifting it up slightly. · NOTE Do not use excessive force when disassembling the cover; otherwise, you may cause damage. 12 REMOVING THE REFRIGERATOR ACCESSORIES 1 2 Tempered glass shelf · Pull the shelf out as far as it will go. High-humidity vegetable compartment and cover · Remove the compartment by holding the handle, pulling the compartment towards you and lifting it up slightly. · Remove the cover by pulling it towards you. 3 Bottle and door guard · Hold the shelf in both hands and remove it by lifting it up. EXTRA REFRIGERATING COMPARTMENT (MODEL WITH HOME BAR) To access the extra refrigerating compartment, hold the compartment door handle and pull it downwards. · The extra refrigerating compartment gives you added convenience because you do not need to open the main refrigerator door. It is recommended that you use the extra refrigerating compartment for frequently used foods like beverages. When the door is opened, it can be used as a tray to support items, such as beverage bottles and glasses. · Do not scratch the surface of the door. NOTE · The door of the extra refrigerating compartment should never be removed. [. . . ] WARNING INTERIOR LIGHT IN THE FREEZER (BASIC MODEL ONLY) / REFRIGERATOR 1 Place a flat screwdriver under the light cover hooks and push in the direction of the arrow. 2 Pull the cover in the direction of the arrow. 3 After changing the bulb, replace the light cover. INTERIOR LIGHT IN THE FREEZER (MODEL WITH ICE AND WATER DISPENSER) 1 2 3 4 14 Lift and pull out the ice maker cover (). Replace the bulb with a new one (), and then secure the light cover back into place using a screwdriver. Replace the ice maker cover. ICE-MAKING FILTER What is the ice-making filter?· The ice-making filter is a device which removes impureties from the water. [. . . ]


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