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Manual abstract: user guide BOSCH KDV 33VL30/03INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS

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[. . . ] Warning Caution Do not store volatile and inflammable substances in the refrigerator. · The storage of benzene, thinner, alcohol, ether, LP gas or other such substances may cause an explosion. · It may cause fire or abnormal operations, which may lead to injury. Pull the power plug out of the socket before replacing the interior light in the refrigerator. [. . . ] · When you open or close the door, the articles may fall and cause personal injury or material damage. Do not store pharmaceutical products, scientific materials or other temperature-sensitive products in the refrigerator. · Products that require strict temperature controls must not be stored in the refrigerator. Do not let a child hang from the door. 5 INSTALLING THE FRIDGE/FREEZER Allow an adequate space and install the fridge/freezer on a firm, level floor. · If the appliance is not level, there may be unusual noises and poor cooling. · Wait for at least five minutes before plugging the appliance in. · Wipe and clean the appliance inside and outside with a damp cloth. Plug the fridge/freezer into a wall socket used exclusively by this appliance. · Set the temperature control to the colder temperature and let the refrigerator operate for one hour. The freezer should get slightly chilled and the motor should run smoothly with a soft hum and no noise. Your fridge/freezer is operated by a compressor which switches "on and off" to maintain the internal temperature. Twist one of the levers firmly in the clockwise direction until the tray twists slightly. Remove the storage bin by: · Lifting it slightly · Pulling it towards you - REMOVABLE ICE TRAY Making ice cubes Remove the ice cube tray by pulling it towards you. Fill the tray with water up to the maximum water level marked on the rear of the tray. Removing the ice cubes To remove ice cubes, hold the tray at its ends and twist gently. Danger of explosion · Glass bottles containing liquids that can freeze should never be stored in the freezer as the glass will explode when the contents freeze. It may cause water overflow. 11 GENERAL CLEANING Storage bin · Wipe and clean the high humidity special fresh bin with water and dishwashing detergent after pulling it out. Freezer / Fridge Shelf · In case of foods spillages, pull out the freezer/refrigerator self and wipe it with clean cloth. Door Gasket · Clean the door gasket with dishwashing detergent the door can not easily close if it is dirty. · Care should be taken not to damage the door gasket while cleaning. · If gasket is damaged during cleaning, it may not be durable enough. Low temperature catalysing deodorizer (option) · In case of food smells in the fridge, Clean the low temperature catalyzing deodorizer. · After disassembling, dip into clean water and leave to dry completely in sunlight before reinserting. Catalyzer Note · This refrigerator has wheels as its rear and front so that it can easily move forward and back whenever necessary and it is convenient for adjusting its position as well as for cleaning front leveling. 12 HOW TO DISASSEMBLE THE ACCESSORIES Freezer shelf · Pull out the ice tray first and then lift up the front part of freezer shelf and pull it out forward. Freezer shelf Fridge shelf · Lift up the fridge shelf and pull it forward. Fridge shelf High humidity vegetable bin and Tray Chilled (option) · Lift up the vegetable bin lid and pull it forward. · Pull out vegetable box and high humidity special fresh bin while lifting it up pulling forward after it has reached the middle of the slide. Vegetable bin Tray Chilled Water tank (option) · Lift up and pull out the water tank as shown in the diagram. Low temperature catalyzing deodorizer · Pull it out while pressing the end of the sill on the low temperature catalyzing deodorizer. Low temperature catalyzing deodorizer Door guards · Lift up and pull out the door guards. Note · It is possible, if you need more space to store vegetable and fruits, to remove the drawers and ice tray. · Do not store fruits or vegetables in the fresh control compartment. [. . . ] · Store the food with a cover or in sealed containers. 16 USAGE PRECAUTIONS Store food with a high water content at the front of a refrigerator shelf. · If you store cold food, you save on electricity and improve refrigeration. Tips Power Saving Tips · Install the appliance in a cool, dry place with adequate ventilation. Ensure that it is not exposed to direct sunlight and never put it near a direct source of heat (radiator, for example). · Allow warm food to cool down before placing it in the appliance. [. . . ]


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