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[. . . ] This can be up to 4-5 times more effective than a normal refrigerator. · The refrigerator's three wavelength fluorescent lamp does not dazzle the eyes. · The effective lighting system makes the refrigerator easy to use. Alarm sounds when the door is open · When the refrigerator door is left open for more than two minutes, self-detection triggers an alarm which emits warning music. [. . . ] MED © MED COLDER © COLDER WARMER © WARMER MED are chosen respectively when pushing the button. 9 INDICATORS (NTA, BTA) High humidity refrigeration function The high humidity function light turns on during operation. HI-MOIST Door alarm function When the door alarm light is on, the door alarm is activated. · Activate the door alarm by pressing the DOOR ALARM ON button. · When the door is opended over 2 minutes, it sound alarming for 10 seconds. So it inform you that the door is opened. DOOR ALARM ON DOOR ALARM When the door alarm light is off, the door alarm is not activated. · Deactivate the door alarm by pressing the DOOR ALARM OFF button. · Turn the door alarm off when you do not want the alarm to sound, (When you are cleaning the refrigerator, for example) DOOR ALARM OFF The deodorizer function When the deodorizer light is on, the deodorizer function is operating. DEODORIZER Separate freezing function When the unit is operating, the ON LIGHT of the twin cooling system means that the freezing machine and fan, deployed separately in refrigerating section, work. TWIN COLLING SYSTEM 10 TEMPERATURE CONTROL METHODS FREEZER, FRE. QUICK/TEMPERATURE CONTROL FOR FREEZER FRE. QUICK : When foods are frozen quickly. · Please choose `WARMER' by pressing the temperature control button on the front control panel. · Temperature is selected `WARMER/MED © MED' respectively FRE. · Taking the amount of food you have stored into account, choose an appropriate setting between WARMER and COLDER. · Please press `COLDER' button on the front control panel. FRE. WARMER COLDER QUICK FRE. QUICK 11 REFRIGERATOR REF. QUICK/TEMPERATURE CONTROL FOR REFRIGERATOR REF. QUICK : When you want to refrigerate foods quickly. This initial output should then be thrown away. Do not fully fill the cup with ice. In case of abnormally coloured ice, please stop operation and contact BOSCH service center. 15 FOOD STORAGE METHODS FROZEN FOOD STORAGE METHODS (NTA, BTA) Multiple guard. · Small packages of frozen foods. The enforced glass shelf of freezer section · Frozen foods can be stored here. g The reinforced glass shelf can be used safely because it will not break if it falls. Door guard. · Frozen foods such as ice-cream can be stored here. Meat and dried goods storage compartment. Stored food should be wrapped securely using foil or other suitable material. 16 HOW TO MAKE ICE 1 Please pull out ice container. 2 Add water until the water level reaches the water height indicator. 3 Please reinsert the ice tray. How to store ice · The ice will be made in about 2-3 hours. After it is made, turn the ice container knob in order to tilt the ice container. ­ Do not turn the ice container knob until the ice is fully formed. ­ Using liquid other than water for ice making purposes should be avoided. Liquid other than water can create ice which is difficult to remove. NOTE When you want to make ice more quickly. · When you want to make ice quickly or lots of ice, please select the quick function by pressing power freezing button. · When the freezer is in power freezing mode, ice can become cracked or blurred because air may be unable to escape from the water. 17 FROZEN FOOD STORAGE METHODS (FTA, DTA) Multiple guard. [. . . ] Then wipe with a dry cloth. Rubber door seals · If the rubber door seals are dirty, the door will not close properly and the refrigerator and freezer sections will be unable to function efficiently. Please make sure that they are cleaned with a mild detergent and a damp cloth. Then wipe with a dry cloth. NOTE · In cleanning or long period of unuse, please remove power plug and keep dry with door open. · Don't clean with benzene, thinner or car detergent. 27 CHANGING THE INSIDE LAMP Before changing the inside lamp, make sure that your unit has been disconnected from the power supply. [. . . ]


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