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[. . . ] â With the aim of avoiding dangerous situations, any work or repair that the appliance may need, e. â This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved. Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by children without supervision. â Keep the iron and its cord out of reach of children less than 8 years of age when it is energized or cooling down. [. . . ] Setting the temperature The temperature control (12) adjusts the temperature of the soleplate (7). Set the temperature control to the corresponding position by lining it up with the temperature index (9) on the iron. 2 “i-Temp” function* If this function is selected, an appropriate temperature is set which is suitable for all fabrics that can be ironed. The “i-Temp” function prevents clothes from becoming damaged due to an unsuitable temperature being selected. The “i-Temp” function does not apply to fabrics that cannot be ironed. Please check the garment care label for details or try ironing on a part of the fabric not visible normally. When the “i-Temp” function is selected, the blue light inside the temperature control comes on. Temperature ● ●● ●●● max i-Temp* AntiShine* Suitable for : synthetics silk – wool cotton linen any type of fabric which can be ironed dark and delicate fabrics. 1 “TempOK” indicator While the soleplate is heating up or cooling down to the selected temperature, the “TempOK” lights inside the temperature control (12) will flash. When the selected temperature is reached, the lights will stop flashing and remain lit continuously. 3 “AntiShine” function* If this function is selected, the risk of shiny marks on the garment due to the ironing is reduced. When the “AntiShine” function is selected, the blue light inside the temperature control comes on. Ironing with steam The steam regulator (3) is used to adjust the amount of steam produced when ironing. Temperature control (12) Recommended position of • eco • max the steam eco • max (3) * • regulator 1 2 3 max 1 2 3 max 1 2 3 max • eco • max • eco • max • eco • max 1 2 3 max 1 2 3 max • eco • max • eco • max 1 2 3 max 1 2 3 max 1 2 3 max 1 eco3• max max • 2 1 eco3• max • 2 • eco • max • eco • max • eco • max 1 2 3 max 1 2 3 max i-Temp AntiShine * Model dependent Downloaded from www. Com manuals search engine B OS CH 9 For better ironing results, iron the ☞☞Tip:strokes without steam to dry the last garment. Vertical steam This can be used to remove creases from hanging clothes, curtains etc. Shot of steam This can be used to remove stubborn wrinkles or to press in a sharp crease or pleat. Press the shot of steam button (2) repeatedly with intervals of at least 5 seconds. Operate the iron in a vertical position at a distance of 10 cm / 4 in, and press the shot of steam button (2) repeatedly with pauses of at least 5 seconds. Ironing without steam This enables the iron to be used for dry ironing. Select an appropriate temperature for the type of material being ironed (see “Setting the temperature” section). €œSensorSecure” function The “SensorSecure” function switches off the iron when the handle is no longer gripped, thus increasing safety and saving energy. [. . . ] 6 Release the “clean” button, and gently shake the iron for some seconds. C “Calc’nClean” with descaling liquid * For deep descaling, it is recommended to use the descaling liquid especially developed by Bosch. The clothes tend to stick Water drips out of the soleplate (7) together with steam. Steam regulator (3) is set too high in conjunction with a low temperature. [. . . ]


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