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Manual abstract: user guide BOSCH SMI 40D06EU/06INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Next to this symbol you receive additional information and practical tips on using the appliance. Tips and instructions for the economical and environmentally conscious use of the appliance are marked with a clover leaf. In the event of a malfunction, these operating instructions contain information on how to rectify faults yourself, see the "What to do, if. . . " section. If these instructions are insufficient, please contact your AEG Service Force Centre. [. . . ] The markings indicate the dosing levels: "20" corresponds to approx. Close the lid and press until it locks into place. 3 If the dishes are very heavily soiled put additional detergent into the adjacent chamber (2). This detergent will take effect during the pre wash. 22 Operating Instructions Use of "3 in 1"/ Combi Detergent Tablets General Advice These products are tablets with combined detergent/rinse-aid and salt functions. Before using these products you should first check that the water hardness in your supply is compatible with the use of these products as per the detergent manufacturers instructions (on the product packaging). These products should be strictly used according to the detergent manufacturers instructions. 1 Do not place the tablets in the tub or the cutlery basket as this will result in poorer wash results. If you encounter problems when using "3 in1" products for the first time then please contact the detergent manufacturers care line (the telephone number is given on the product packaging). Special Advice When using combination products, the rinse-aid and salt lights are no longer useful. It may be helpful therefore to switch the rinse aid off please note that only some dishwashers have this facility - and selecting the lowest possible setting for water hardness. If you decide to switch to the use of a standard detergent system we advise that you: · Refill both the salt and rinse aid compartments. · Switch the waterhardness setting to the highest possible position and run for three normal cycles without a load. · Readjust the waterhardness setting again according to the conditions for your region (as per the instruction manual). 23 Operating Instructions Concentrated Detergent Based on their chemical composition, dishwasher detergents can be split into two basic types: ­ conventional, alkaline detergents with caustic components ­ low alkaline concentrated detergents with natural enzymes. 2 The use of 50 °C wash programmes in conjunction with concentrated detergents reduces pollution and is good for your dishes; these wash programmes are specially matched to the dirt-dissolving properties of the enzymes in the concentrated detergent. Repeatedly press the b button until all three of the time indicators are off. After the set number of hours the wash programme will begin. Load Sensing ­ Sensor Logic If a wash programme is started even though there are only a few dishes in the upper and/or lower basket, an intelligent electronic system adjusts the amount of water and the duration of the wash programme to the number of dishes. By this means it is possible to wash only a few dishes quickly and economically. At half load (6 place settings), up to 2 litres of water and 0. 2 kWh of electricity are saved. 27 Operating Instructions Switching Off the Dishwasher Switch off the dishwasher when L is illuminated on the programme progress display. 0 1. Press the ON/OFF button. The ON/OFF button indicator extinguishes. 1 Hot steam may escape from the appliance when opening the door immediately after the end of the programme. Open the door carefully. Emptying the Dishwasher 3 · The dishes should therefore be allowed to cool down before removing them from the appliance, as hot dishes may be sensitive to knocks. 15 minutes after the end of the programme so that they dry better and can cool down. This will avoid any water that may be remaining in the upper basket, dripping onto the dishes in the lower basket and leaving water marks. Care and Cleaning 1 Do not under any circumstances use furniture care products or aggressive cleaners. · If necessary, clean the controls only with a soft cloth and pure warm water. · Occasionally check the internal containers, door seal, and water inlet for soiling, clean if necessary. 28 Operating Instructions Cleaning the Filter The filters should be checked and cleaned regularly. [. . . ] · The appliance has been used for normal domestic purposes only, and in accordance with the manufacturer's operating and maintenance instructions. · The appliance has not been serviced, maintained, repaired, taken apart or tampered with by any person not authorised by us. · All service work under this guarantee must be undertaken by a Service Force Centre. Any appliance or defective part replaced shall become the Company's property. [. . . ]


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