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Manual abstract: user guide BOSCH SMI 40D06EU/10INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] · Additions or modifications to the dishwasher are not permitted. · Use only special salt, detergent and rinse aid suitable for domestic dishwashers. This could cause an explosion. Child Safety · Keep packaging away from children. · Children often do not recognise the hazards associated with electrical appliances. [. . . ] The cycle will recommence after turning the dishwasher back on again. 3 Setting the Delay Timer Using the delay timer you can delay the start of a dishwashing cycle for 3, 6 or 9 hours. Press the Delay Timer button repeatedly until the indicator next to the number of hours for which the start of the dishwashing cycle is to be delayed lights up, e. The LED indicator for the programme selected and the indicator next to the number of hours will light up. The dishwashing cycle will start automatically following a countdown of the hours set. To change the time delay: As long as the cycle has not yet started, you can still change the setting by pressing the DELAY TIMER button. Cancelling the delay timer: Press the DELAY TIMER button repeatedly until none of the three time displays is lit. To change a dishwashing cycle As long as the cycle has not yet started, you can still change the dishwashing cycle. First cancel the dishwashing cycle, then re-set the time delay, lastly select the new dishwashing cycle. Switching Off the dishwasher Do not switch off the dishwasher until the indicator for the end of the dishwasher cycle is illuminated in the cycle progress display. Therefore leave the dishes to cool for about 15 minutes before removing them. · Dishes dry more quickly if you open the door for a moment after the cycle has ended and then leave it slightly open. 1 Removing the Dishes 3 It is normal for the inner door and the dispensers to be damp. This way you avoid dripping water from the upper basket onto dishes in the lower basket. 21 Care and cleaning 1 Do not use furniture care products or aggressive cleaners. For dishwasher models with If the dishes are to be a delay start timer: washed immediately, A start time has been selectcancel the delay start. Rust spots in the dishwashing compartment are due to rust particles from external sources (rust particles from water pipes, pans, cutlery, etc. ). Remove such spots with a commercially-available stainless steel cleaning product. Rust spots are visible in the dishwashing compartment. Only wash cutlery, dishes and pans that are suitable for dishwasher use. A whistling noise can be heard when washing dishes. The whistling is not a cause for concern. Decalcify appliance with commercially available agents for cleaning dishwashers. If the noises can still be heard after decalcifying the machine, use a different brand of detergent for washing cutlery and dishes. 26 If the Dishwashing Results are not Satisfactory The dishes are still dirty. · The dishes were loaded is such a way that the dishwashing water did not reach all items. · The filters in the base of the washing compartment are dirty or incorrectly positioned. · In the case of scale deposits on the dishes: The dishwasher salt dispenser is empty or the water softening system has been incorrectly set. · Pollutants from the water in the dishwasher can block the jets in the spray arms. You have the option of removing the spray arms from their fixture for cleaning (see section "Care and Cleaning"). There are smears, streaks, milky spots or a shiny bluish coating on glasses and dishes. Glass corrosion · Contact the detergent manufacturer's customer advice centre. 27 Disposal 2 Packaging material The packaging materials are environmentally friendly and can be recycled. [. . . ] · The appliance has been used for normal domestic purposes only, and in accordance with the manufacturer's operating and maintenance instructions. · The appliance has not been serviced, maintained, repaired, taken apart or tampered with by any person not authorised by us. · All service work under this guarantee must be undertaken by a Service Force Centre. Any appliance or defective part replaced shall become the Company's property. [. . . ]


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