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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] To ensure optimal and regular performance of your appliance please read this instruction manual carefully. It will enable you to navigate all processes perfectly and most efficiently. To refer to this manual any time you need to, we recommend you to keep it in a safe place. We wish you much joy with your new appliance. The following symbols are used in this manual: Important information concerning your personal safety and information on how to avoid damaging the appliance. [. . . ] To deactivate the function press the 3 IN 1 button again, the corresponding indicator light turns off. The activation/deactivation of the rinse aid dispenser can only be possible with the 3 IN 1 function active. Daily use 25 Activation/deactivation of the rinse aid dispenser 1. Press simultaneously buttons B and C, until the lights of buttons A, B, and C start flashing. Press button B, the lights of buttons A and C turn off while the light of button B goes on flashing: the End of programme indicator light illuminates, indicating that the rinse aid dispenser has been activated. To change the setting, press button B again until the End of programme indicator light turns off. To memorise the operation, switch off the dishwasher by pressing the On/Off button. If you decide to turn back to the use of standard detergent system we advise that you: Deactivate the 3 IN 1 function. Adjust the water hardness setting to the highest setting and perform 1 normal washing programme without loading any dishes. Adjust the water hardness setting according to the hardness of the water in your area. 5. 26 Daily use Washing programmes Programme description Programme Degree of soil Type of load Main wash Prewash Intermediate rinse Consumption values Duration (minutes) Energy (kWh) 0, 9 0, 54-0. 64 1, 9 - 2, 1 1, 1 - 1, 5 90 - 115 (1) 30 MIN (2) INTENSIV CARE 70° 30 120- 130 2X Heavy soil Crockery, cutlery, pots and pans Normal soil (1) During the Auto washing programme the amount of soil on the dishes is determined by how cloudy the water is. The programme duration, water and energy consumption levels can vary; this depends upon if the appliance is fully or partially loaded and if the dishes are lightly or heavily soiled. Turn the handle about 1/4 a turn anticlockwise and remove the filter system. Take hold of the coarse filter (B) by the B handle with the hole and remove from the A microfilter (A). Remove the flat filter from the base of the washing compartment and clean both faces thoroughly. Put the flat filter back in the base of the washing compartment and ensure that it fits perfectly. Place the coarse filter (B) in the microfilter B A (A) and press together. Put the filter combination in place and lock by turning the handle clockwise to the stop. During this process ensure that the flat filter does not protrude above the base of the washing compartment. Care and cleaning 31 NEVER use the dishwasher without filters. Incorrect repositioning and fitting of the filters will produce poor washing results and may result in damage to the appliance. If residues of soil have clogged the holes in the spray arms, remove them with a cocktail stick. External cleaning Clean the external surfaces of the machine and control panel with a damp soft cloth. Never use abrasive products, scouring pads or solvent (acetone, trichloroethylene etc. . . . ). Internal cleaning Ensure that the seals around the door, the detergent and rinse aid dispensers are cleaned regularly with a damp cloth. We recommend every 3 months to run the wash programme for heavy soiled dishes using detergent but without dishes. Prolonged periods of non-operation If you are not using the machine for any prolonged period of time you are advised to: 1. [. . . ] Prior to using the appliance for the first time, ensure that the rated voltage and type of supply on the rating plate match that of the supply where the appliance is to be installed. Always plug the mains plug into a correctly installed shockproof socket. In case that the electrical cable has to be replaced, contact your local Service Force centre. The manufacturer accepts no liability for failure to observe the above safety precautions. 42 environment concerns Environment concerns Packaging material The packaging materials are environmentally friendly and can be recycled. [. . . ]


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