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Manual abstract: user guide BOSCH SMI 50E86EU/50SUPPLEMENT

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Next to this symbol you receive additional information and practical tips on using the appliance. Tips and instructions for the economical and environmentally conscious use of the appliance are marked with a clover leaf. In the event of a malfunction, these operating instructions contain information on how to rectify faults yourself, see the "What to do, if. . . " section. If these instructions are insufficient, please contact your nearest customer service centre. [. . . ] Therefore please use normal programmes with pre wash when using detergent tablets. 3 21 Operating instructions Selecting the Wash Programme (Programme Table) Choose the most suitable wash programme with the aid of this table: 1) Type of Dishes In Addition Dinner Service and Cooking Utensils with non-temperature resistant dishes · normally soiled Coffee Service and Dessert Dishes with delicate glasses Type of Soiling · heavily · normally soiled soiled · dried on left- · dried leftovers, particovers ularly egg white and thickeners · normally to lightly soiled · lightly soiled particularly suited to the use of concentrated detergents. Suitable Programme: Programme Sequence 3) INTENSIVE NORMAL NORMAL BIO ECON. BIO QUICK a7 Pre Wash Main Wash 2x Intermediate Rinses Final Rinse Drying d6 Pre Wash Main Wash Intermediate Rinse Final Rinse Drying dQ 2) GQ 2) ]8 Main Wash Intermediate Rinse Final Rinse - Pre Wash Main Wash Intermediate Rinse Final Rinse Drying Main Wash Intermediate Rinse Final Rinse Drying Consumption Figures: 4) Duration Energy Water 1) 100 ­ 110 min. 85 ­ 95 min. 80 ­ 90 min. 70 ­ 80 min. 0. 75 kWh 11 litres 1. 45 ­ 1. 65 kWh 1. 15 ­ 1. 35 kWh 0. 95 ­ 1. 15 kWh 17 ­ 19 litres 13 ­ 15 litres 13 ­ 15 litres In addition to the wash programmes listed in this table, there is a special programme: PRE WASH A. Using this programme you can pre wash used dishes that are being collected in the dishwasher and for washing later. The special PRE WASH programme A lasts 10 minutes and consumes 4 litres of water and less than 0. 1 kWh of energy. 2) During BIO programmes the wash water is briefly heated to 60 °C, so that the active oxygen can become effective. 3) The various stages in the wash programme have different sounds because the dishes are washed more intensely for short periods during certain stages of the wash programme to improve cleaning. Variations are therefore possible in practice. 22 Operating instructions Start the wash programme 0 1. Check that the dishes and cutlery are loaded into the dishwasher in such a manner that the spray arms are free to rotate. Press the programme button for the desired programme (see "Programme Table"). The time remaining until the end of the programme is displayed on the multi-display, the time calculated is dependent on the load in the dish racks. · Occasionally check the internal containers, door seal, and water inlet for soiling, clean if necessary. Cleaning the Filter The filters in the base of the washing compartment are to a large extent self-cleaning. Nevertheless the filters should be checked and cleaned from time to time. The dishwasher filter system comprises a coarse/fine filter, microfilter and a flat filter. Unlock the filter system using the handle on the microfilter, and remove. Take hold of the coarse/fine filter (1) by the handle with the hole and remove from the microfilter (2) 5. Remove the flat filter (3) from the base of the washing compartment and clean both faces thoroughly 3 26 Operating instructions 7. Put the filter combination in place and lock by turning the handle clockwise to the stop. During this process ensure that the flat filter does not protrude above the base of the washing compartment. 1 Under no circumstances may the dishwasher be used without filters. What to do, when . . . Try to rectify minor faults on the dishwasher with the aid of the instructions given here. If you call in customer service to resolve one of the malfunctions listed here, or rectify an error made in the operation of the appliance, the customer service engineer's visit is not free of charge, even during the period of guarantee. 27 Operating instructions . . . Error Messages Are Displayed. · If fault code (2 is displayed on the multi-display or the ^ indicator is illuminated, you can probably rectify the fault yourself. After rectifying a (2 fault and a fault related to the ^ indicator, press the button for the wash programme that has been started. · For all other faults, please contact customer service, stating the fault code. Malfunction The programme indicator for the selected programme is flashing and the ^ indicator is illuminated: there is no water running into the dishwasher. [. . . ] 200 Nonhyun-Dong Kangnam-Ku Seoul Telefon 82 2 549 89 61 Croatia Electrolux D. O. O. Suplova 7 10000 Zagreb Tel. : 1 61 19512 Fax: 1 61 19513 Kuwait/Arabian Gulf Ali Al-Ghanim Est. Box 10 83 Tel. : 5322463 Fax: 5242114 Namibia AEG NAMIBIA (PTY) LIMITED-Jeppe Street Northern Industrial Area Windhoek Tel. : (061) 21-6082/4 Fax: (061) 217838 New Zealand Euro-Life New Zealand Ltd. Privat Bag 58 Symonds Street Auckland Tel. : (09) 525 2222 Nouvelle Caledonie Socometra N. C. [. . . ]


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