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Manual abstract: user guide BOSCH SMI 50E86EU/55SUPPLEMENT

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Next to this symbol you receive additional information and practical tips on using the appliance. Tips and instructions for the economical and environmentally conscious use of the appliance are marked with a clover leaf. In the event of a malfunction, these operating instructions contain information on how to rectify faults yourself, see "What to do, if. . . " section. If these instructions are insufficient, please contact your nearest customer service centre. [. . . ] Exceptionally long cutlery, such as soup ladles, kitchen knives, or the like, may obstruct the upper spray arm. To unload your dishwasher more easily, you can take the cutlery basket out of the lower basket and unfold it. To prevent the full cutlery basket from inadvertently unfolding when being taken out, place your hand right round the two-piece handle and hold it firmly. Place the cutlery basket on a firm support (table, worktop) and unfold both handle parts. After unfolding, fold back both handle parts. UI25 UI20 Warning!Long bladed knives stored in an upright position are a potentail hazard. Take care when loading or unloading sharp items such as knives 17 152972 43/0en 14-10-2002 11:57 Pagina 18 Removable knife basket Long and/or sharp items of cutlery such as carving knives must be placed horizontally in the removable knife basket, which is positioned at the left of the upper basket. UI55 The upper basket The upper basket is designed for plates (dessert plates, saucers, dinner plates up to 24 cm in diameter), salad bowls, cups and glasses; these should be arranged as shown in the pictures. Glasses with long stems can be placed upsidedown in the cup-racks The cup-rack on the left folds upwards to increase your loading flexibility. Arrange items on and underneath the cup racks so that water can reach all surfaces. Light items (plastic bowls etc. ) should be loaded in the upper basket and arranged so they do not move. US69 Before closing the door, ensure that the spray arms can rotate freely. 18 152972 43/0en 14-10-2002 11:57 Pagina 19 Adjusting the height of the upper basket If washing very large plates (over 27 cm and up to 31 cm in diameter) you can load them in the lower basket after moving the upper basket to the higher position. Move the front runner stops (A) of the upper basket outwards and slide the basket out. Check that there is rinse aid and salt The corresponding indicator lights will illuminate if refilling is necessary. 4. Pull the lower basket out and arrange the saucepans, plates and cutlery in it. Pull the upper basket out and arrange the plates, saucers, glasses and cups etc. Add the detergent Add the required amount of detergent into the dispenser according to the dosage quantity given in "Washing programmes" chart. Close the detergent dispenser lid. The setting of the programme may occur: With open door, in this case the selected programme and eventual options (small load and/or delay start) will start automatically 5 seconds after the closure of the door. With closed door, in this case the selected programme and eventual options (small load and/or delay start) will start automatically 5 seconds after the last pressure of a push button. 24 152972 43/0en 14-10-2002 11:57 Pagina 25 7a. Set and start the programme without "delay start" Select the wash programme by simply pressing one of the programme push buttons, the display will show the running time of the programme in minutes and the indicator lights of the phases corresponding to the programme will illuminate. If necessary select the "small load" by pressing the corresponding push button (in this case the running time of the programme will be adequated). Remember: with the selection of the programmes "Quick 50°C" and "Rinse and Hold" the small load option is not available. If the setting of the programme has been made with the door opened: close the door and the programme will start automatically after 5 seconds. Until the door remains open you still have the possibility to modify the setting made. [. . . ] Your specifying these details enables the Service Centre to make precise identification of the spare part required so that the appliance can be repaired at the service engineer's first visit without your having to pay extra costs for repeated journeys by the service engineer. Mod. . . . 32 152972 43/0en 14-10-2002 11:57 Pagina 33 Hints for test centres Before starting any test it is necessary to fill completely with salt the salt container and with rinse aid the rinse aid dispenser. Test standard Reference programme Load Rinse aid selector Detergent dosage EN 50242 - Eco BIO 50°C 9 standard place settings position 4 - 20 g in the dispenser - 5 g on the dispenser lid Arrangement upper basket Arrangement cutlery basket Arrangement lower basket 33 152972 43/0en 14-10-2002 11:57 Pagina 34 Technical data Technical specifications Dimensions Width Height Max depth Max depth with open door 44. 6 cm 81. 8 - 87. 8 cm 57. 5 cm 111. 4 cm 230 V - 50 Hz 200 W 2100 W 2300 W Minimum Maximum 50 kPa (0. 5 bar) 800 kPa (8 bar) 9 place settings This appliance complies with the following E. E. C. Directives: - 73/23/CEE of 19/02/73 (Low Voltage Directive) and subsequent modifications; - 89/336/CEE of 03/05/89 (Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive) and subsequent modifications. Electrical connection Motor rating during wash Power of heating element Overall power Water supply pressure Capacity 34 152972 43/0en 14-10-2002 11:57 Pagina 35 Connection instructions Connecting the water supply q Your dishwasher can be connected to either a cold or hot water supply of max. [. . . ]


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