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[. . . ] This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights which vary from state to state. Sears, Roebuck and Co. , D/817 WA, Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 If you want your water softener professionally installed, talk to your Sears Salesman. He will arrange for a prompt, quality installation by Sears Authorized Installers. SEARS INSTALLATION POLICY All installation labor arranged by Sears shall be performed in a neat, workmanlike manner in accordance with generally accepted trade practices. Further, all installations shall comply with all local laws, codes, regulations, and ordinances. [. . . ] When the salt bridges, an empty space forms between the water and salt. Without brine, the resin bed does not regenerate and you will have hard water. If the storage tank is full of salt, it is hard to tell if you have a salt bridge. Hold a broom handle, or like tool, up to the softener as shown in FIG. Make a pencil mark on the handle, 1 or 2 below the top height of the rim, as shown. If a hard object is felt before the pencil mark gets to the top of the tank, it's most likely a salt bridge. Do not try to break the salt bridge by pounding on the outside of the salt tank. 9 SALT BRIDGE push tool into salt bridge to break 1" ­ 2" Pencil Mark Broom Handle Salt Salt Bridge Water Level 14 SECTION 3 3B. CARE OF YOUR SOFTENER KEEPING THE WATER SOFTENER CLEAN NOTE: Never use cleaners having ammonia or abrasives. They may scratch and dull the surface. COVERS To keep your new Sears water softener looking nice, apply a coat of paste wax and repeat once a year. This small unit moves brine from the salt storage tank to the resin tank during regeneration. If it becomes plugged with sand, silt, dirt, etc. , the softener will not work and you will get hard water. TO HELP YOU SAVE MONEY If your water softener fails to work, make the following easy checks. Often, you will find what's wrong yourself and you won't have to call and wait for service. If, after making the checks, your softener still does not work right, call your Sears Service Department, or call toll free, number 1-800-426-9345 for telephone assistance. If an error code is not dispIayed, press and hold the SELECT button until (example: 000- -) shows in the display. If any other SR number shows, the softener computer is working on incorrect input and this would probably be the cause of the problem. Then, press SELECT to return a flashing 12:00 AM display, and reset the timer on page 6. PROBLEM No soft water CAUSE CORRECTION Water hard sometimes Faucet or fixture may be plumbed to From the outlet of the water softener, trace the water flow hard water paths in your house pipes. If soft water is not directed to a faucet or fixture where it is wanted, consult a plumber. To conserve salt, the installer may have isolated some fixtures (outside faucets, toilets, etc. ) from soft water. No salt (or salt bridged) in the storage Refill with salt, or break the salt bridge (page 14). Press tank ON/OFF-HOLD (RECHARGE NOW) button and hold for 3 seconds to start a regeneration (see page 10). [. . . ] Fill flow continues to the brine valve, and into the salt storage tank. Soft water is still available to the house lines. 24 SECTION 5 SERVICE TECH. WATER FLOW THROUGH THE SOFTENER VALVE BRINING AND BRINE RINSE CYCLES After fill, timer/switch action allows the motor to turn the rotor and disc into BRINING position. Suction, created by the nozzle and venturi, draws brine from the salt storage tank and injects it into the resin bed via the bottom distributor. [. . . ]


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