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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] SM. . . en Instruction manual en Table of contents no i t cur t sen I l aunam 8 Intended use . 51 4 Intended use en 8 Intended use e s u dedne t n I Delivery 1. ■ ■ This appliance is intended for use in the home and the home environment. Use the dishwasher only in the household and only for its designed purpose: for washing domestic dishes. 2. ( Safety instructions sno i t cur t sn i y t e f aS 3. Children from 8 years of age or people whose physical, sensory or mental abilities or their lack of experience or knowledge prevent them from using the appliance safely must not use this appliance without supervision or instruction by a responsible person. Before you switch ON the appliance Please read the operating and installation instructions carefully. [. . . ] Press Info button {8 for 3 seconds until the following text is indicated on the display window at the top @: Scroll with < > Set with - + Leave with Setup 3 sec. Keep pressing button >)* until the required setting is indicated on the display window at the top @. Tip: If you change several settings, first make all changes in succession. This saves all set values in the appliance. * depending on the features of your dishwasher The Aqua sensor is an optical measuring device (light barrier) which measures the turbidity of the rinsing water. If the AquaSensor is active, “clean” rinsing water can be transferred to the next rinse bath and water consumption can be reduced by 3–6 litres. If the turbidity is greater, the water is drained and is replaced with fresh water. In the automatic programmes the temperature and running time can also be adjusted to the degree of soiling. Zeolith drying ¼ g n i y r d h t i l o eZ : Warning Risk of burns from touching the blow opening 1R!The blow opening becomes hot and, furthermore, any damage will result in a chargeable callout by customer service. Please ensure that the intake opening 1J is not obstructed and do not place any temperature-sensitive utensils in the lower basket at the rear right side above the blow opening 1R. The appliance features a Zeolith container. Zeolith is a mineral which can store moisture and heat energy and release them again. During the washing step this heat energy is used to dry the mineral and heat up the rinsing water. 30 Operating the appliance en During the drying phase moisture from the rinsing compartment is stored in the mineral and heat energy is released. This released heat energy is blown into the rinsing compartment with dry air. Very sensitive: This setting adjusts the programme strength for difficult conditions of use, for example firmly dried on food remnants. This setting is recommended if using biological or eco detergents which contain lower amounts of active agents. The energy and water consumption is adjusted accordingly. Time display The running time is determined during the programme by the water temperature, the number of utensils as well as the degree of soiling and may vary (depending on the selected programme). You can change the time display in time or hours/minutes so that the remaining running time of the rinsing progamme appears in the display window “Ready at” (for example 15:20 hours) or “Ready in” (for example 3:25). extraDry The final rinse uses a higher temperature which improves the drying result. (Caution if utensils are delicate!) You can switch the extraDry function on or off. Eco forecast When Eco forecast is activated, the average water and energy consumption of the selected programme is briefly displayed on the display window at the top @. Sensor setting The programme sequence is optmised in Auto programmes with the aid of sensors. The sensors adjust the programme strength of Auto programmes depending on the amount and type of soiling. Standard: This setting is ideal for a mixed load and heavily soiled utensils, but also saves energy and water. Sensitive: This setting adjusts the programme strength for the effective removal of food remnants, even if the amount of soiling is low. The energy and water consumption is adjusted accordingly. AutoPowerOff (Switching off automatically after the end of the programme) f O rewoP o t uA To save energy, the dishwasher is switched off 1 minute after the programme ends. You can also change this setting. Possible settings are: ■ off: The appliance does not switch off automatically. [. . . ] The required work sequence can be ■ A built-under or integrated appliance which is installed subsequently as a free-standing appliance must be secured to prevent it from overturning, e. g. by screwing it to the wall or by installing it under a continuous worktop which is screwed to adjacent cupboards. The appliance can easily be installed in a fitted kitchen between wooden and plastic walls. found in the installation instructions. Connect the waste-water hose to the drainage connection of the siphon with the enclosed parts. [. . . ]


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