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[. . . ] Next to this symbol you receive additional information and practical tips on using the appliance. Tips and instructions for the economical and environmentally conscious use of the appliance are marked with a clover leaf. In the event of a malfunction, these operating instructions contain information on how to rectify faults yourself, see "What to do, if. . . " section. If these instructions are insufficient, please contact your nearest customer service centre. [. . . ] Replace the cap making sure that there is no trace of salt on the screw thread or on the gasket. When this has been done, all that is required is to periodically top up the container with salt. You are reminded of this by the salt indicator light on the control panel which will illuminate when the salt has finished. The salt refill indicator light on the control panel can remain illuminated for 2-6 hours after the salt has been replenished, assuring the dishwasher remains on. If you are using salts that take longer to dissolve then this can take longer. The function of the dishwasher is not affected. SR14 LE SA LT SA LZ SA L SE 13 The rinse-aid The rinse-aid ensures brilliant crockery and also helps it to dry. egg white, egg yolk and mustard often cause discolouring and staining on silver. Therefore always clean left-overs from silver immediately, if it is not to be washed straight after use. Some types of glass can become dull after a large number of washes. q q q q q q q q q Attention!Before placing dishes in the machine, remove any scraps of food, to avoid clogging the filters and consequently reducing the performance. Open the door and slide out the baskets. 15 The lower basket The lower basket is designed to take saucepans, lids, plates, salad bowls, cutlery etc. Using no more than correct amount of detergent also contributes to reducing pollution. BIO programmes and compact powders On the basis of their chemical composition, dishwasher detergents can be classified into two groups: conventional, alkaline detergents with caustic components: low-alkaline compact powders with natural enzymes. The enzymes in low-alkaline compact powders have a dirt-dissolving effect and are also biodegradable. These enzymes deploy their full dirt-dissolving power within a temperature range of 40-50°C. In BIO washing programmes, the temperature range and duration of the heating phases are precisely matched to the dirt-dissolving properties of the enzymes. In combination with low-alkaline compact powders, BIO washing programmes, at a temperature as low as 50°C, therefore achieve the same cleaning results that would otherwise be achievable only with 65°C programmes. The lack of any caustic components in low-alkaline compact powders and the lower cleaning temperature of BIO washing programmes not only relieve the environment, but also care for your crockery. 21 Washing programmes Programmes Type of soil Type of load Heavy soil. Crockery, cutlery, pots and pans Required push buttons Intensive 70°C On INTENSIV 70° Off Normal 65°C Normal soil. Crockery and cutlery On Off NORMAL 65° * Economy Bio 50°C Normal soil. Crockery and cutlery On Off On Off On Off ENERGIE SPAR 50° ** Quick 50°C Rinse and Hold Light soil. Crockery and party crockery Partial load to be completed later in the day. This programme does not require detergent. QUICK 50° VORSPÜLEN * ** Testing programme for EN 50242 (see "Hints for Test Centres"). This is a special programme for quick washing a full load of lightly soiled dishes, glasses and crockery (except pots) so that you may re-use them promptly. [. . . ] The washing programme is too gentle. 31 Customer service In the section "Servicing", we have listed the most important faults which you can rectify yourself. Should you still wish to call our Service Centre for any of the specified faults or because the appliance is being wrongly operated, the service engineer's visit cannot be made free of charge even during the guarantee period. Should you find no reference to a fault in the operating instructions, you should call our Service Centre. F-NR . . . . . . To keep these numbers handy, we recommend you enter them here. [. . . ]


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