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[. . . ] Do not obstruct the multi-flow intake area (2d) with food and outlets (2a). Important: Refrigerator/freezer accessories must not be washed in a dishwasher. Your new appliance is a combined ventilated, No-Frost fridge-freezer exclusively for domestic use. Whirlpool Total-no-frost fridge freezers circulate chilled air around the storage areas, reducing humidity to prevent the formation of ice, thereby completely eliminating the need for defrosting. [. . . ] These factors should be taken into account when setting the appliance. setting and wait for at least 12 hours before checking again if the temp, is correct. IMPORTANT: after opening the door or loading the refrigerator, it is normal if the symbol is switched OFF for some time, especially if room temperature is very warm. Function of replacing antibacterial filter necessity After displaying icon, antibacterial filter should be replaced for new one. Next press and hold the button "OK" for 5 seconds in order to switch off the icon. After 6 months of product usage, the icon will display again, informing about replacing filter necessity. It is possible to switch off icon for 6 hours by pressing the button "OK". Cleaning Press the Stand-by button, which allows you to switch off the refrigerator compartment alone, keeping the freezer on. The refrigerator compartment can now be emptied and cleaned. 5019 637 01004 REPLACING THE LIGHT BULB Always disconnect the refrigerator from the power supply before replacing any light bulbs. If the inside light is not working: · Remove the light cover using a small screwdriver. Put the tip of screwdriver into upper rectangular hole, press down the catch for unblock and pull cover towards outside. · Do not use mechanical devices or any means other than those recommended by the manufacturer to speed up the defrosting process. · Do not use electrical appliances inside the freezer compartments, unless such appliances are specifically recommended by the manufacturer. · This appliance is not designed for use by young children or the infirm. · To avoid the risk of children being trapped and therefore suffocating, do not allow them to play or hide inside the appliance. · The power cable may only be replaced by an authorized person. · It must be possible to disconnect the appliance from the mains by unplugging it or by means of a two-pole switch fitted upline of the socket. · Ensure that the voltage indicated on the appliance data plate corresponds to the domestic supply voltage · Do not ingest the contents (non-toxic) of the ice packs (if provided). 16 INSTALLATION Location · Install the appliance in a dry, well-ventilated place. · Install and level the refrigerator on a floor strong enough to take its weight and in an area suitable for its size and use. · After installation, make sure that the appliance is not standing on the power supply cable. · Keep ventilation openings, in the appliance enclosure or in the built-in structure, clear of obstruction. To ensure proper ventilation, leave a 1 cm space on both sides and 5 cm above the refrigerator. [. . . ] When purchasing frozen food products: · Ensure that the packaging is not damaged (frozen food in damaged packaging may have deteriorated). If the package is swollen or has damp patches, it may not have been stored under optimal conditions and defrosting may have already begun. · When shopping, leave frozen food purchases until last and transport the products in a thermally insulated cool bag. · Place the items in the freezer compartment as soon as you get home. [. . . ]


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