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[. . . ] ❐ Keep the iron and its cord out of reach of children less than 8 years of age when it is energized or cooling down. ❐ This appliance is designed only for household use up to 2000m above sea level. 14 BOSCH Important notices • This appliance has been designed exclusively for domestic use and must not be used for industrial purposes. € This appliance must be used only for the purposes for which it was designed, i. [. . . ] The addition of other liquids, such as perfume, vinegar, starch, condensation water from tumble dryers or from air conditioning systems or chemicals will damage the appliance. Any damage caused by the use of the aforementioned products will make the guarantee void!€2  Set the steam regulator (5) to the position  3  Open the water inlet lid (6). 45º Tip: To prolong the optimum steam function, you may mix tap water with distilled water 1:1. If the tap water in your district is very hard, mix tap water with distilled water 1:2. Heating Remove any labels or protective covering from the soleplate (10). When the iron is ready to use, the indicator lamp will remain lit continuously. 16 BOSCH “i-Temp” technology This technology sets an appropriate temperature, which is suitable for all fabrics that can be ironed (symbols ). Cannot be ironed (symbol Please check the garment care label for details or try ironing on a part of the fabric not visible normally. €SensorSecure” function After the initial heating, “SensorSecure” function switches off the iron when it is left unattended, thus increasing security and saving energy. The “SensorSecure” indicator lamp (2) will remain lit continuously. €2  When the handle is released, the “SensorSecure” function is activated. Steam settings The steam regulator (5) is used to adjust the amount of steam produced when ironing. Steam setting High steam flow Medium steam flow Dry ironing Tip: Try to iron the fabrics while they are still damp after washing. Shot of steam function Shot of steam can be used to remove stubborn wrinkles or to press in a sharp crease or pleat. English  1  Press the shot of steam button (4) repeatedly with intervals of at least 5 seconds. Vertical steam Vertical steam can be used to remove creases from hanging clothes, curtains etc. €2  Operate the iron in a vertical position at a distance of 10 cm / 4 in 10 cm / 4 in, and press the shot of steam button (4) repeatedly with pauses of at least 5 seconds. Important: If the “SensorSecure” indicator lamp (2) flashes while ironing in a vertical position, it means that the handle is not properly gripped and the iron will cool down. €1  When ironing, press the spray button (3) and water will spray out of the spray nozzle (7) onto the garment. €4  Set the iron aside in a vertical position on its heel (11) the iron. Steam regulator to the position  5  Coil the power cable (12) loosely around the heel of Tip: For immediate storage of the iron, you may use the “StoreProtect ” accessory (see “Accessories” section). [. . . ] 20 BOSCH Accessories The accessories may be purchased from the customer service or specialist shops. Name of the accessory: TDZ1101 Accessory code: 00311715 “StoreProtect” Enables an immediate and safe storage of the iron, even with a hot soleplate. Name of the accessory: TDZ1750 Accessory code: 00575960 English Trouble shooting Problem The iron does not heat up. Water drips out of the soleplate when using the “shot of steam” function. [. . . ]


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