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[. . . ] 14 BOSCH * Model dependent Important notices • Carefully read through the operating instructions for the appliance and safeguard them for future reference. € This appliance has been designed exclusively for normal household use in home environment. € This appliance must be used only for the purposes for which it was designed, i. The manufacturer will not be held responsible for any damage arising from misuse or improper use. [. . . ] To switch back to the normal energy setting, press the “Eco” button again. It is advisable to use the normal energy setting to get optimum results on thick and very wrinkled fabrics. ENGLISH Tips to help you save energy: • If you tumble dry your fabrics before ironing them, set the tumble drier on the iron dry programme. € Try to iron the fabrics while they are still damp and reduce the steam setting. Auto switch off 3x For your safety and to save energy, the appliance switches off automatically when it has not been used for 8 minutes. Three beeps will be heard, and all indicator lights (1, 2, 3) will lash. 1 To switch the steam station back on, press the steam release button (13) again. 18 BOSCH * Model dependent Calc’nClean Easy Cleaning & Maintenance This appliance is equipped with an automatic clean warning indicator, which indicates that scale particles must be removed from inside the steam chamber. When activated, three beeps will be heard and the “Calc'nClean” indicator light (1) will lash, indicating that the process should be performed. Once this time has passed, you will only be able to dry iron (without steam). To start steam ironing again, follow this descaling process: 1 2 3 4 5 Fill the tank (7) with water. Plug in the mains cable (5) and press the button (2) to switch the appliance on. Wait until the indicator light (2) stops lashing and remains lit permanently. Make sure that the surface on which the container is placed is stable. 3x 2” 2x Warnings: • Do not remove the iron from the container until the process has inished. Boiling water and steam will be released through the soleplate, removing limescale and/or deposits that may be inside. A long beep will be heard, indicating that descaling process has inished. Descaling process 8 To clean the soleplate (12), immediately rub off any residue by running the hot iron over a wet cotton cloth. [. . . ] The “Calc'nClean” indicator light (1) does not turn off. If the above tips do not solve the problem, get in touch with our customer service. For at undgå farlige situationer skal enhver form for reparation, som apparatet måtte have brug for som f. Energibesparelse Når indstillingen energibesparelse er valgt, kan du spare energi og vand og stadig opnå gode strygeresultater for de leste tekstiltyper. [. . . ]


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