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[. . . ] This appliance is designed for processing normal household quantities in the home or similar quantities in non-industrial applications. Use in employee kitchens in shops, offices, agricultural and other commercial businesses, as well as use by guests in boarding houses, small hotels and similar dwellings. Connect and operate the appliance only in accordance with the specifications on the rating plate. [. . . ] The first time you fill the kettle, add a tablespoon of household vinegar. Important Use the kettle only with the base which is marked with Type Type CTWK11, CTWK13 for 2400 W and Type CTWK12, CTWK14 for 3100 W. Information: The appliance switches off as soon as the boiling process ends. Leave the appliance to cool down for 5 minutes before refilling with water. Cleaning and descaling Electric shock risk Never immerse the kettle or the base in water or put in the dishwasher!Before boiling water, close the lid and insert the filter, otherwise the automatic steam stop will not function!Descale the kettle with vinegar or a commercially available descaling agent. Regular descaling – prolongs the service life of the appliance, – ensures that the kettle functions properly, – reduces the boiling time, – saves energy. ρ  7 Robert Bosch Hausgeräte GmbH en Descale the kettle with vinegar or a commercially available descaling agent. ρ Fill the kettle up to the max mark with water and bring to the boil. ρ Or use descaling agent according to the manufacturer’s instructions, never bring to the boil. Attention: Never remove calcification residue with hard implements, otherwise the seal will be damaged. The indicator light does not come on  the overheating protection system has actuated. ρ Switch in Off position, take the kettle off the base (after the kettle has cooled down for a fairly long time) and put back on again. The appliance switches off before the boiling process ends  the appliance is calcified. disposal This appliance has been identified in accordance with the European directive 2012/19/EC on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment – WEEE. [. . . ] Dette apparatet er beregnet for bearbeiding av vanlige mengder for husholdningen eller for husholdningspreget, ikke industrielt bruk. Viktig Kannen må kun brukkes med sokkel som er markert med type Typ CTWK11, CTWK13 for 2400 W og Typ CTWK12, CTWK14 for 3100 W. Dette direktivet angir rammen for returnering og gjenvinning av de gamle apparatene som er gyldig for hele EU. [. . . ]


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