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[. . . ] ¡ Risk of electric shock Connect and operate the appliance only in accordance with the specifications on the rating label. This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance. To avoid potential hazards, repairs such as replacing a damaged cord should only be performed by our service personnel. [. . . ] Select the required coffee and the required per-cup quantity by turning the upper rotary knob (14). The selected coffee and the per-cup quantity are shown in the display. Select the required coffee strength by turning the lower rotary knob (13). — While the grinding unit is running, adjust the rotary selector (3) from fine (a: Turn anticlockwise) to coarse (b: Turn clockwise) as required. A b Note: The new setting will not become apparent until after the second cup of coffee. Tip: For dark roast coffee beans, choose a finer grind, for lighter beans a coarser grind. 2013 13:38:18 en 9 Preparation using ground coffee Preparing milk froth ¡ Risk of burns The milk frother (6) gets very hot. Tip: You can foam the milk first and then dispense coffee, or foam the milk separately and pour it onto the coffee. The appliance must be ready for use with the cleaned milk frother attached. Immerse the milk frother so that it reaches the bottom of a cup or glass that is one-third filled with milk. This fully automatic espresso machine can also be operated with ground coffee (not instant coffee powder). You also have the option of combining both processes with the Calc‘n‘Clean function (see “Calc‘n‘Clean” on page 15). If the service programme is not run as instructed, the appliance may be damaged. ¡ Warning Each time you run the service programme, you should follow the instructions for using the descaling and cleaning agents. Please observe the safety instructions on the packaging of the cleaning agent. never use vinegar , vinegar-based products , citric acid or citric acid-based products!Never put descaling tablets or other descaling agents in the ground coffee drawer or the drawer for cleaning tablets (4)!Specially developed descaling and cleaning tablets are available from retailers or customer service. Important: If there is a filter in the water tank (16), it needs to be removed before the descaling programme is run. Appears on the display, press the off / j button (12) for 3 seconds and then press the start button (10). To descale the appliance before being prompted, press the off / j button (12) for at least 3 seconds. Turn the upper rotary knob (14) until Start descaling appears in the display. [. . . ] Accessories The following accessories can be obtained from retailers and customer service. Beans are not falling into the grinding unit the bean container (1) is full, (beans too oily). Clean the milk frother (6), see “Maintenance and daily cleaning”. Clean the milk frother (6), see “Maintenance and daily cleaning”. [. . . ]


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