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[. . . ] 18 RMD 8 0 1 BT SAFETY PRECAUTIONS MANUAL To avoid short in your vehicles electrical system, be sure to disconnect the battery cable before beginning installation. The unit is intended for vehicles with a 12-volt battery and negative grounding. Before installing the unit in a recreational vehicle, truck, or bus, check that the battery voltage is 12 volts. Remove the two transport screws from the top of the unit before installation. [. . . ] NOTE: Make sure there is enough space for the installation of this double-din unit. Rear left speaker(-)/Green-Black 6 MANUAL RMD 801BT WIRING DIAGRAM General Wiring Notes: Make sure You have a good chassis ground. The area around the ground connection should be clean, bare metal without rust, paint, plastic, dust, or dirt for a good ground connection. This will eliminate most electrical noise form the motor and alternator. Red Ignition Connect to car ignition switch for main power supply of the unit. Yellow Memory Backup Connect to electrical terminal always supplied with power regardless of ignition switch position. (Low Current) Green (Hand Brake - Ground) Connect this wire to the hand brake wire of your car so that the display will be on only when the car is fully stopped. Purple-White (Rear Gear - VCC) Connect this wire to the rear gear wire of your car so that the backup camera function can be activated when you car is in reverse gear. Orange-White (Panel Light) Connect the this wire to the car light switch so that the front panel illumination will be on when the car light switch is turned on. Various outputs (Refer to the wiring diagram) Refer to the wiring diagram for the connection details. Speaker Wiring Notes: Follow the above wiring diagram to install the head unit with new or existing speakers. This unit is designed for use with four (4) speakers with impedance between 4 Ohms to 8 Ohms. When not using four speakers, use electrical tape to tape the ends of the unused speaker outputs to prevent a short circuit. During TFT off, the video out signal will be available so that the connected monitor will show the screen of the unit. Mode Selection Press the MODE Button to cycle the Play Modes between RADIO, USB, SD and AUX in. You can also adjust the volume by sliding the volume icon on top of the screen. Balance Press SEL Button until the display shows “BAL”, then use the VOL +/- Button to adjust the balance between the left & right speakers. Fader Press SEL Button until the display shows “FAD”, then use the VOL +/- Button to adjust the balance between the front & rear speakers. Other Audio Settings You can adjust other audio settings like preset equalizer, loudness or subwoofer ON/OFF by tapping the “EQ” icon on the main menu, or on the control menu of other audio/video play modes. HOME Button - In Radio and Aux modes, press the HOME button to go back to the home screen. - In USB and SD modes, during music or video playback, press the HOME button once to go back to the directory page, in which you can choose the desired file by pressing and turning the volume knob. SETUP Enter the setup menu in the home screen by tapping the “SETTING” icon on the main menu. [. . . ] Connect any portable audio/ video device such as a DVD player or VCD player to unit. Backup Camera Input The backup camera input is on the back of the unit. You must connect the VCC wire (in pink color) to the reverse gear switch in order to activate this video input mode when you switch the reverse gear of your car. (Refer to Wiring Diagram) This output (in yellow) is for connecting monitor(s). [. . . ]


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