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[. . . ] Com manuals search engine SiBE121135 SUPER MULTI NX E-Series F-Series G-Series K-Series Cooling Only Outdoor Unit 3MKS50E3V1B 4MKS58E3V1B FFQ25B9V1B FFQ35B9V1B FFQ50B9V1B FFQ60B9V1B 4MKS75F2V1B FHQ35BWV1B FHQ50BWV1B FHQ60BWV1B 5MKS90E2V3B FDBQ25B8V1 FBQ35C8VEB FBQ50C8VEB FBQ60C8VEB Indoor Unit FTXS25J2V1B FTXS35J2V1B FTXS42J2V1B FTXS50J2V1B FTXS60GV1B FTXS71GV1B Heat Pump Outdoor Unit 3MXS40K2V1B 3MXS52E3V1B 3MXS68G2V1B 4MXS68F2V1B FVXG25K2V1B FVXG35K2V1B FVXG50K2V1B FVXS25FV1B FVXS35FV1B FVXS50FV1B FLXS25BAVMB FLXS35BAVMB FLXS50BAVMB FLXS60BAVMB FDXS25E7VMB FDXS35E7VMB FDXS50C7VMB FDXS60C7VMB 4MXS80E2V3B 5MXS90E2V3B FCQG35FVEB FCQG50FVEB FCQG60FVEB FFQ25B9V1B FFQ35B9V1B FFQ50B9V1B FFQ60B9V1B FHQ35BWV1B FHQ50BWV1B FHQ60BWV1B FDBQ25B8V1 FBQ35C8VEB FBQ50C8VEB FBQ60C8VEB Indoor Unit FTXG25JV1BW FTXG25JV1BA FTXG35JV1BW FTXG35JV1BA FTXG50JV1BW FTXG50JV1BA CTXS15K2V1B FTXS20K2V1B FTXS25K2V1B CTXS35K2V1B FTXS25J2V1B FTXS35J2V1B FTXS42J2V1B FTXS50J2V1B FTXS60GV1B FTXS71GV1B i Downloaded from www. 1 Safety Cautions Be sure to read the following safety cautions before conducting repair work. The caution items are classified into “ Warning” and “ Caution”. The “ Warning” items are especially important since they can lead to death or serious injury if they are not followed closely. [. . . ] The reservations for each day of the week • This function can be used for deleting reservations for each day of the week. For 5 seconds while normal • Be sure to direct the remote control toward the main unit and check for a receiving tone. € This operation is not effective on the setting display of WEEKLY TIMER. 12 Note for Multi System Note for Multi System This system has one outdoor unit connected to multiple indoor units. When more than 1 indoor unit is operating, priority is given to the first unit that was turned on. In this case, set the units that are turned on later to the same operation mode as the first unit. Otherwise, they will enter the standby state, and the OPERATION lamp will flash: this does not indicate malfunction. A room B room C room D room Outdoor unit NOTE Notes on operation mode for multi system • COOL, DRY and FAN operation may be used at the same time. • AUTO operation automatically selects COOL operation or HEAT operation based on the room temperature. Therefore, AUTO operation is available when selecting the same operation mode as that of the room with the first unit to be turned on. CAUTION • Normally, the operation mode in the room where the unit is first run is given priority, but the following situations are exceptions, so please keep this in mind. If the operation mode of the first room is FAN operation, then using HEAT operation in any room after this will give priority to HEAT operation. In this situation, the air conditioner running in FAN operation will go on standby, and the OPERATION lamp will flash. NIGHT QUIET mode reduces the operation noise of the outdoor unit during the night time hours to prevent annoyance to neighbors. € The NIGHT QUIET mode is activated when the temperature drops 5˚C or more below the highest temperature recorded that day. Therefore, when the temperature difference is less than 5˚C, this function will not be activated. € NIGHT QUIET mode reduces slightly the cooling efficiency of the unit. Com manuals search engine Operation Manual SiBE121135 RA Indoor Unit Note for Multi System OUTDOOR UNIT QUIET operation 1. When using the OUTDOOR UNIT QUIET operation feature with the Multi system, set all indoor units to OUTDOOR UNIT QUIET operation using their remote controllers. When clearing OUTDOOR UNIT QUIET operation, clear one of the operating indoor units using their remote controller. However OUTDOOR UNIT QUIET operation display remains on the remote controller for other rooms. The COOL/HEAT mode lock sets the unit forcibly to either COOL or HEAT operation. [. . . ] Upper part of the remote controller Lower part of the remote controller (R11738) 2 Set the [MAIN / SUB changeover] switch on the PCB to “S”. (R11739) BRC1E52A7, BRC1E52B7 Step 1 2 3 Action Put on the power for both remote controllers. When Error code: U5 - Connection under check Please wait for a moment is displayed on both remote controllers, push and hold the [Operation mode selector] button of the sub remote controller for 4 seconds. Application of Silicon Grease to a Power Transistor and a Diode Bridge Applicable Models All outdoor units using inverter type compressor for room air conditioner. [. . . ]


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