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[. . . ] Check whether the charger and stock is connected well, or it may cause charging failure even fire. Remove all easily damage objects (including luminous objects, fabrics, glass bottle etc) before using, or it may cause damage to these objects, or affect the using of cleaner. Please use the cleaner cautiously in the presence of Don't stand or sit on the cleaner, or it may cause children to avoid frightening or harming them. Don't make the cleaner take in water or other liquid damage to the cleaner, or personal injury. [. . . ] Press” ◀ ▶ ”to change between hour and minute, after the minute :88 flickers, then use”▲▼”buttons to set minutes. Then use “▲▼”buttons to choose from 1-7 and set current week. Press button "plan" on remote control, after the reservation hour 88: flickers, then use “▲▼”buttons to to reserve hours. Press”◀ ▶ ”to change between hour and minute, after the minute :88 flickers, then use”▲▼”buttons to reserve and set minutes. Then use “▲▼” buttons to choose from 1-7 and reserve and set week. After existed, aim the remote control to robot and press "appt" button to input reservation data into robot. During the standby or operating status of robot, press this button to start search and connect charging stock for self-charging, and press it again to stop charging. "SPEED" button: Adjust speed with this button according to the room space and personal habit. Robot walks and cleans forward after pressed this button, and stop automatically if there is obstacle or stair in front. Press this button once, robot walks backward for a certain distance and stop. Week setting Reservation time and week setting speed Forward ▲button Backward ▼button Turn left ◀ button Turn right ▶ button Attention: 1. The remote control distance is with 5m from robot, and also depends on different working environment. Voice function Voice prompt instruction Operation Switch on power switch of robot Press "AUTO" button of keyboard or remote control Press "SPEED" button of keyboard or remote control Press "DOCK" button of keyboard or remote control, or when the battery is low Press “APPT” button on remote control After the robot plugged with adapter or connected with charging dock When the side brush motor is over-current When the middle brush motor is over-current When the left wheel motor is over-current When the right wheel motor is over-current Voice prompt Hello, boss!Setting of space isolator Space isolator builds a locked area by sending out infrared signal, so as to prevent the robot entering unnecessary area. short distance signal sender ON/OFF switch Power indicator Horizontal signal sender P2-3 P2-4 01. Make sure the polarity with no mistake, or it may damage the Isolator. ON means sending infrared signal normally, while OFF means closing space Isolator. The power indicator lighting in green while the space isolator is working, and extinguished with low battery. Space isolator sending short distance signal means: robot can not enter into area with 0. Space isolator sending horizontal signal means: robot can not enter into area (about 15 degree angle span) within 7m (straight direction of horizontal signal from isolator. Switch on the power and put isolator in the entrance of locked area, so as to build a virtual wall for preventing the robot entering unnecessary area. Please change battery as soon as possible in case of damage the isolator. [. . . ] If you proceed with the scrapping of old equipment, be sure to render useless what could be dangerous: disconnect the power cable flush with the device. Danger: Never attempt to use your appliance, if it shows signs of damage or the power cord or plug is damaged. If the power cord is defective it is important to have it replaced with the after sales service to eliminate any danger. Only qualified and authorized persons are authorized to carry out repairs to your appliance. [. . . ]


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