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[. . . ] Tryk på knappen WIFI for at oprette WIFI-forbindelse, hvorefter kameraets display viser ikonet for WIFI-signal, mens den eksterne skærm viser Tilslutter WIFI. N Efter inspelning ansluter du kameran till datorn, ö ppnar MSDC-lä och slå get r på GPS-spelaren (hä mta och konfigurera denna firmware till datorn frå n webbplatsen fö såsom visas påbilden nedan: rst) Vä en mapp lj fö att sö r ka filvyn hä n. Ljande display: Ikonen Tidsfö rlopp Tryck på slutaren fö att starta inspelningen med tidsfö r rlopp, och tryck på slutaren igen fö att stoppa; r SVE 17 Kö CSACWG100 Snabbstartsguide nig Spela upp inspelad video: tryck på strö mknappen fö att vä r xla till uppspelningslä vä video; Tryck på OK fö att spela upp videon med en ge; lj r tidsfö rskjutningseffekt, såsom visas påbilden till hö ger. [. . . ] Indicator Busy indicator (red): When the camera is busy such as recording videos, shooting photos and turning off screen automatically, the work indicator will flicker. Charging indicator (blue): When it is on, the user is prompted that the camera is being charged and it will be off after charging is completed. If the memory card is full or electrical quantity is low, it will also stop shooting: ENG 6 König CSACWG100 Quick Start Guide Taking a photo while recording: press the Power button during recording to take a photo. When a photo is taken, the texts “CAPTURE DONE” will display on the screen. Icon of mode, indicating the current is shooting mode; ENG 7 König CSACWG100 Quick Start Guide 2. Com When start GPS function, all the video will include GPS information: shooting time and date, move distance, local altitude information, calorie data, active speed, you can see all this information by playback on your PC. 1 Enter GPS mode When you power on camera it will automatically start searching for GPS signal. ϼ ) ENG 8 König CSACWG100 Quick Start Guide GPS signal searching Finish GPS signal search If the camera cannot find GPS signal, please press Shutter button, you can see the screen show ”GPS OFF”. Now you can see the timer will start work in the top right screen(As below picture). ENG 9 König CSACWG100 Quick Start Guide After finishing recording, all the GPS information will be saved into your SD card, You can view this by GPS PC Player . To view GPS info on camera, Please press DISP/MENU, then choose “Sport info”, press Shutter key : Number: Files quantities; Time: Recording time; Speed: Recording speed ENG 10 König CSACWG100 Quick Start Guide Distance: Active distance Calorie: Active expend energy data. After recording, connect camera to PC, it will enter MSDC mode, then turn on GPS player(Please download and setup this firmware to PC from website first)as below picture: Choose folder to find your file fiew from here. Note: GPS satellites is easiest to find under open sky with no tall trees or buildings around you. At this time, press Power ENG 12 König CSACWG100 Quick Start Guide key to move the cursor leftward or rightward and select on the menu, and press WIFI key to move the cursor upward or downward and select on the menu in a circulating way. Press OK key to confirm and press Menu key to return or exit from menu mode. Description of “Slow Motion” function Slow-Motion refers to record at normal FPS and play at lower down FPS. For example, to record a video at 60fps, and then play the video at 30fps, you will see a slow motion. Operation: in the menu, select “Slow Motion” and press OK to enter the sub-menu, move the cursor to select On, then press OK to conform. [. . . ] For the Android System, you can search “König Action Cam 2” in the Play Store to obtain corresponding installation programs, and then you can install them according to the indicated steps . For the IOS System, you can search “König Action Cam 2” in the APP Store to obtain corresponding installation programs, and then you can install them according to the indicated steps. Please install the “König Action Cam 2” application program (provided by the Supplier or the Internet) for the Android mobile phone or tablet PC, and then the Display Screen will show the Icon ; 2. [. . . ]


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