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[. . . ] Clean the receiver by a soft cloth or mild solution of washing-up liquid (no solvents). Contact qualified and licensed service personnel to repair the receiver, or contact your dealer. 1, (USALS) compatible Unicable 1 and 2 (EN 50494 / EN 50607) JESS certified (EN 50494 / EN 50607) 4-digit display Support SCPC & MCPC receivable from C / Ku-band satellite LNB Universal, Single, Single S & C band wideband LNBs Sensitive Tuner PAL / NTSC conversion Variable aspect ratio (4:3, 16:9) with Pan Vector or Letter Box Output resolution: 576p & 576i, 720p, 1080i & 1080p To improve HDMI with Upscalefunktion to picture quality 8 favorite lists Parental Control function 5 types of sorting function for channels Screen display with full color resolution Teletext and subtitle support (OSD) 7 days EPG (Electronic Program Guide) for On-Screen Program Information Multilingual menu Multichannel order USB 2. 3 Remote control Zone 1 POWER Turn on/off the unit (Standby) MUTE Muting the sound AUDIO Selection or change the audio track PAUSE Pauses the current TV picture (freeze picture) ZOOM Zoom function of the current program DV Switches between resolutions (576i to 1080p) t / u Fast forward / reverse t u | t / u | Chapter forward / backward t u u Start n Stop l Start recording (no function) || Pause RECALL Switches between the last and current program F1 funktion key (optional) SUBTITLE Displaying subtitles (if available) USB Display menus of the USB if a USB device is connected 3. [. . . ] Move Continue Press RIGHT/LEFT button, the dish will be motorized to East/West continuously until you press LEFT/RIGHT again. Move Step Press RIGHT/LEFT button, the dish will be motorized to East/West by step. Store Position Save the current position you searched for the selected satellite. Go to Position Press OK button to move the dish to the stored position. Main Menu Channel search In this menu item you can select different search options: • • • • • • • • All programs Free programs HD programs SD programs TV programs Radio programs FTA TV programs FTA Radio Programs 4. USALS setup In this menu you can adjust to your USALS to operate your antenna with a motor. Start channel search After you have set all the relevant positions in the antenna menu, you can now search for programs. You can use various search functions: Transponder: Just look on the selected Transponder. Blind Scan: Finds the satellites from all transponders, even those that are not stored in the list. Multi-Transponer: Searches for all satellites on the selected transponder. Delete satellite channels In this menu, you can delete unwanted channels lists matching the selection. Factory setting Here you can delete all settings and channels and set back to factory condition. If the option is selected and confirmed with OK, you are prompted to confirm this. If you select „YES“, all data and settings are reset to the factory preset values​​ All the settings you have . 2 Channel edit Here you can move programs, delete, lock, rename, replace and create favorites lists. Exchange You can replace a program that you select from the Channel List, with another program. Press the OK button, then you will be asked which program you want to the current interchange. Use the number keys to select the desired program number and confirm with OK. Radio programs Editing the radio programs are in accordance with the instructions of TV programs. Favorits You can sort programs into different groups, such as news, movies, music, or sports. Select at the bottom of the desired favorite group with the t u buttons. Repeat the process until all desired channels are assigned the appropriate favorite group. [. . . ] Then a message appears indicating that the medium was removed successfully. Bad picture/blocking error Satellite dish is not aiming to the satellite accurately. 6 Receiver Informations See information about the software and hardware version of the receiver will be displayed: • • • • • • • • Model Hardware version Software version Software date Serial number Used channel list Used transponder Used satellite No startup menu on screen after The system is connected by Switch the TV to the appropriate turning on STB for the first time. Aim rol is not aimed correctly STB is in the remote control at the STB. [. . . ]


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