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[. . . ] English AVH-Z9100DAB DVD RDS AV RECEIVER Operation Manual Contents Thank you for buying this Pioneer product. Please read through these instructions so you will know how to operate your model properly. After you have finished reading the instructions, keep this document in a safe place for future reference. Important The screen shown in the examples may differ from actual screens, which may be changed without notice for performance and function improvements. [. . . ] CAUTION • When adjusting the guidelines, be sure to park the vehicle in a safe place and apply the handbrake. € Before getting out of the car to place the markings, be sure to turn the ignition switch off (ACC OFF). Also, the vehicle width and distance guidelines displayed on the rear view camera image may differ from the actual vehicle width and distance. ) • The image quality may deteriorate depending on the usage environment, such as at night or in dark surroundings. NOTE Using packing tape or similar tape place markings as shown below before setting up the guidelines so that the guidelines can be overlaid to the markings. menu Item [Camera View] [On] [Off] Description Set to [On] to display camera view at all times. (The same mode is turned on when is touched on the camera view screen. ) NOTES • To set the rear view camera as the camera for Camera View mode, set [Back Camera Input] to [On] (page 42). € When using the second camera, set [AV Input] to [Camera] or [2nd Camera Input] to [On] (both settings are synchronised) (page 42). TIP You can also turn this function on by touching [Camera View] on the AV source selection screen or in the source list. NOTE If the camera polarity setting is wrong, or wrong camera setting is made, press and hold to release the rear view camera screen and then change the camera polarity setting to [Battery]. Markings 25 cm Rear bumper * This setting is available only when you stop your vehicle in a safe place and apply the handbrake. [Wi-Fi Settings] Menu Item [Wi-Fi Settings] Description (page 15) [Parking Assist Guide] [On] [Off] You can set whether to display the parking assist guidelines on the rear view camera images when backing up your vehicle. 42 En [Safe Mode] Menu Item [Safe Mode] [On] [Off] Description Set the safe mode that regulate operating some functions only when you stop your vehicle in a safe place and apply the handbrake. [Keyboard] Menu Item Description You can use the keyboard in AppRadio Mode + by setting the language of the keyboard for iPhone. NOTES • Set the same system language setting as the iPhone to operate this function properly. [System Language] Menu Item [System Language] Description Select the system language. NOTES • If the embedded language and the selected language setting are not the same, the text information may not display properly. [Keyboard] [Beep Tone] Menu Item Description Select [Off] to disable the beep sound when the button is pressed or the screen is touched. [Climate Reverse] Menu Item [Climate Reverse] [On] [Off] Description When the optional vehicle bus adapter is connected, the left/right display of the climate control status screen can be reversed if the display does not match that of the vehicle. [Beep Tone] [On] [Off] [Touch Panel Calibration] If you feel that the touch panel keys on the screen deviate from the actual positions that respond to your touch, adjust the response positions of the touch panel screen. nOTES • Do not use sharp pointed tools such as ballpoint or mechanical pens. [. . . ] The terms HDMI and HDMI High-Definition Multimedia Interface, and the HDMI Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing Administrator, Inc. Notice regarding open source licenses For details about the open source licenses for the functions that this product is equipped with, please visit http://www. Com/car/ multimedia/ Liquid crystal display (LCD) screen • If the LCD screen is near the vent of an air conditioner, make sure that air from the air conditioner is not blowing on it. Heat from the heater may break the LCD screen, and cool air from the cooler may cause moisture to form inside this product, resulting in possible damage. [. . . ]


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