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[. . . ] 30 About this manual: • In the following instructions, a USB memory or USB audio player are referred to as “USB device”. 5 mm stereo jack) Frequently used operations Purpose Turn on the power* Operation Press SRC/OFF to turn on the power. Adjust the volume Select a source Change the display information Return to the previous display/list Change the display brightness Answering a call Ending a call Return to the normal display from the menu Press and hold BAND/ Press and hold BAND/ Press any button. * When this unit’s blue/white lead is connected to the vehicle’s auto-antenna relay control terminal, the vehicle’s antenna extends when this unit’s source is turned on. [. . . ] € For devices other than the USB-connected Android device, press SRC/OFF to select any source and press and hold the M. NOTES • When you connect a mobile device other than an iPhone/Android device, it may not operate correctly depending on your mobile device. € If Pioneer Smart Sync has not been installed on your iPhone/Android device yet, a message that prompts you to install the application will appear on your iPhone/Android device (except for the Android device connected via Bluetooth). - 19 - Using the Karaoke Function WARNING • A driver should never sing with a microphone while driving. English CAUTION It is extremely dangerous to allow the microphone lead to become wound around the steering column, brake pedal or shift lever, which may cause an accident. Be sure to install the microphone in such a way that it will not obstruct driving. nOTES • Use a commercially available dynamic mic and not the supplied microphone. € This function is not available when the selected source is the following. € RADIO – AUX IN 1 2 3 4 Insert the stereo mini plug of your microphone into the AUX input jack. NOTE If howling occurs when using the microphone, keep the microphone away from the speaker or lower the microphone volume. - 20 - NOTE Depending on the recording condition of songs, the level of vocals may not be reduced effectively. Audio Adjustments English You can also make various adjustments in the AUDIO settings (page 23). Adjusting the cut-off frequency value and the slope value You can adjust the cut-off frequency value and the slope value of each speaker. [FRONT], [REAR], [SUBWOOFER] NOTE [SUBWOOFER] can only be selected when [ON] is selected in [SUBWOOFER] (page 24). Dial to select the speaker unit (filter) to be adjusted, then press to confirm. Dial to select [HPF] or [LPF] according to the speaker unit (filter), then press to confirm. Dial to select an appropriate cut-off frequency for the speaker unit (filter) selected in step 4, then press to confirm. Dial to select an appropriate slope for the speaker unit (filter) selected in step 4. [–6] to [–24] (if you choose [FRONT] or [REAR]) [–6] to [–36] (if you choose [SUBWOOFER]) Settings You can adjust various settings in the main menu. English 3 NOTE iPhone-related menu items in the following tables are not available for MVH-S310BT. Menu Item FM SETTING [TALK], [STANDARD], [MUSIC] Match the sound quality level with the broadcast signal conditions of the FM band signal. ) Store the six strongest stations on the number buttons (1/ to 6/ ) automatically. [. . . ] Made for – iPhone X – iPhone 8 – iPhone 8 Plus – iPhone 7 – iPhone 7 Plus – iPhone SE – iPhone 6s – iPhone 6s Plus – iPhone 6 – iPhone 6 Plus – iPhone 5s – iPhone 5c – iPhone 5 • Operations may vary depending on the generation and/or software version of the iPhone. € Users of iPhone with the Lightning® Connector should use the Lightning to USB Cable (supplied with iPhone). € Refer to the iPhone manuals for information about the file/format compatibility. € Audiobook, Podcast: Compatible 01 to 05: Folder number to : Playback sequence CAUTION Pioneer accepts no responsibility for data lost on the iPhone, even if that data is lost while this unit is used. [. . . ]


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