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[. . . ] This technology allows odour-free, smoke-free cooking of fish, poultry, steaks, gratins, pastries, etc. Your oven has 2 adjustable power sources (quartz tube and base) capable of every traditional cooking task (grill, meat, fish, pastry, soufflés). Infrared quartz cooking The heat transferred to the food by the quartz tube radiation (up to 1050°C). [. . . ] The grid It is reversible enabling you to use the whole height of the oven. The roasting jack It is fitted with two U-forks to fix every kind of poultry and lets you cook delicious roast chickens. The dimensions of your oven let you use pie dishes up to 26 cm in diameter, as well as rectangular dishes. Option: Skewers kit (BR 1) with automatic rotation to be fixed directly on the spit to realize delicious brochettes, chachliks…. Stainless steel or white built-in frame with aerations for building your oven into your kitchen. 19 Security instructions Maintenance and precautions Place your oven for an easy access Take care to install it in a ventilated area to avoid any overheating risk This oven can reach very high temperature during use. Never leave the appliance within the reach of children or disabled persons without surveillance. Never place the oven near a heat source Do not use it outdoor Do not use the appliance for other functions than determined use When using grill function, take care nothing comes into contact with the quartz tubes. Take care when manipulating trays/food Do not touch the hot surfaces of the appliance. The temperature of the hot surfaces can be very important when the appliance is working. To avoid any electric shock, never plunge the appliance, the cord or plug in water or quite other liquid. If the cord is harmed, it must be replaced by the producer, his after sale service or persons of similar skills to avoid any risk. Check that the appliance is definitely off before connecting it up or disconnecting it. 20 Cleaning Maintenance and precautions Disconnect the device and let t cool before any manipulation The accessories (grid, enamelled tray and spit) can be washed in a dishwasher Clean the door with hot water and some washing liquid. To clean the bottom part of the oven, you can lift slightly the heating element. This oven is fitted with self-cleaning flasks covered with a porous enamel which absorb fats. [. . . ] To evacuate quickly cooking condensation, always let the oven cooling down with the door open. Troubleshooting guide Your oven gives off a lot of smoke: Your cooking temperature is probably too high. Your oven gives off a lot of smoke when it is on the quartz grill setting: Did you let the door opened? [. . . ]


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