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[. . . ] 8 Earpiece 9 Right softkey (function is indicated at the bottom right of the display), in Standby mode: Phone book 10 Navigation button (up / down / left / right) and „OK“ button Quick links: Up = Sounds, Down = Calendar, Left = Write SMS, Right = Alarm Under „Settings“ → „Phone“ → „Shortcuts“ you can set the assignment of the navigation keys individually. In menu: Return to Standby mode, in Standby mode: Press and hold to switch phone on/off 12 Hash key for 3 sec. = Keylock, Aa1 text input switch 13 Charging socket 14 Headphone Jack 15 Microfon 16 Mini USB port 17 Speaker 18 Battery compartment cover 19 Battery 20 SIM 21 Charger STARTING UP Inserting the SIM card and battery ATTENTION! [. . . ] The terms of guarantee do not apply when a device malfunction was caused by the mobile telecommunications network operator/provider. The terms of guarantee do not apply to the batteries or power packs used in the products. All deficiencies related to material or manufacturing errors within the period of guarantee will be redressed free of charge. Rights to claims under the terms of guarantee are annulled following tampering by the purchaser or third parties. Damage caused as the result of improper handling or operation, normal wear and tear, incorrect positioning or storage, improper connection or installation or Acts of God and other external influences are excluded from the terms of guarantee. In the case of complaints, we reserve the right to repair defective parts, replace them or replace the entire device. Rights to compensation in the case of damage are excluded where there is no evidence of intent or gross negligence by the manufacturer. If your device does show signs of a defect within the period of guarantee, please contact the sales outlet where you purchased the SWITEL device, producing the purchase receipt as evidence. All claims under the terms of guarantee in accordance with this agreement can only be asserted at the sales outlet. No claims under the terms of guarantee can be asserted after a period of two years from the date of purchase and hand-over of the product. Disposal In order to dispose of your device, take it to a collection point provided by your local public waste authorities (e. According to the laws on the disposal of electronic and electrical devices, owners are obliged to dispose of old electronic and electrical devices in a separate waste container. The adjacent symbol indicates that the device must not be disposed of in normal domestic waste!You are legally obliged to dispose of power packs and batteries at the point of sale or in the corresponding containers provided at collection points by local public waste authorities. The symbols indicate that the batteries must not be disposed of in normal domestic waste and that they must be brought to collection points provided by local public waste authorities. Packaging materials must be disposed of according to local regulations. Declaration of Conformity This device fulfils the requirements stipulated in the Directive 1999/5/EC on radio equipment and telecommunications terminal equipment and the mutual recognition of their conformity. Conformity with the above mentioned directive is confirmed by the CE mark on the device. [. . . ]  Only allow repairs to be completed by qualified personnel. Note that you may certain services from your cellphone need to enable this provider before you can use it. <Language> OK Technical data (All rights reserved) Feature WxHxD Weight Talking time Standby Battery SAR Display Value 51 x 112 x 15 mm 76 g (incl. [. . . ]


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