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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Brief Instructions TECHNISTAR K4 ISIO Digital cable receiver with Internet access to receive DVB-C and IPTV channels 1 Illustration LED display Up/down arrow keys TV/Radio On/standby CI module slot Card reader: >  Insert the CONAX Smartcard into the card reader (gold chip facing down and at the front as you insert) and push it in as far as it will go. Inserting the CI / CI+ module: > Consult the CI/CI+ module and card manufacturer’s instructions. Cable input USB ports Network port Audio output digital DC input Cable output HDMI output Analog audio outputs SCART port TV 2 Please fold out -  not open the unit under any circumstances!Any necessary Do repairs to the receiver should only be carried out by qualified service personnel. [. . . ] In this example the Option selection menu for the channel list is shown. > Every additional press of the Option button moves the highlight down one line at a time. Other options for a number of subordinate selection options are located in the options groups. Highlighting one of these option groups automatically opens another window on the left. > > > You can use the up/down arrow keys within the options group to highlight one of the options listed there. By pressing the up/down arrow keys, it is possible to move the highlight from line to line and to move upwards and downwards page by page using the page up/down buttons. The highlighted option is selected by pressing the OK button and you exit the option selection area. If you do not want to select an option or wish to leave the Options selection area without making any changes, simply press the Option button until it is hidden. 1 Switching on > Switch the digital receiver on by pressing the On/Standby button either on the device or on the remote control. If the user-dependent parental control (TechniFamily) is activated, the user selection now appears. 2 Switching off > > Press the On/Standby button either on the device or on the remote control to switch the device off again. The receiver is now in standby mode, and the time is displayed on the receiver panel (where activated). To do this, switch the receiver on, and set it to reception of a major channel (e. 1 Using the up/down channel keys > Use the up/down arrow keys on the receiver to select a channel, or use the Channel +/- buttons on the remote control to scroll up or down one channel at a time. 2 Using the numeric keypad > Use the numeric keypad keys to enter the number of the channel you want. For for for for channel channel channel channel slot slot slot slot 1 14 234 1567 For example: 1 1, then 4 2, then 3, then 4 1, then 5, then 6 then 7 When entering channel numbers with multiple digits, you have approx. If you wish to enter a number consisting of only one, two or three digits, you can speed up the entry procedure by keeping the key OK pressed a little longer on the last digit. > You can view additional data about the current program by pressing the INFO button. 1 Selecting a channel > > You can now highlight the desired channel using the up/down arrow keys, the page up/down keys and the numeric keypad keys. 2 Selecting a list To make it easier for you to find channels, your device provides various channel lists. The available options are Sort by channel number (sorting by channel slot number) or Sort by name (alphabetical sorting). 27 Filter By setting one or more filters, you can limit the display to certain channels that fulfill the desired criteria. [. . . ] The “Fast forward uu” or “Rewind tt” box will appear. > Press the Fast forward or Rewind button again and the speed increases to 16 times normal speed. The “Fast forward uuu” or “Rewind ttt” box will appear. 39 > Press the Fast forward or Rewind button one more time and the speed increases to 64 times normal speed. [. . . ]


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